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Frankly, I'm surprised traditional Muslims aren't trying to do this to every water supply in the Dar alHarb. Or maybe they are?
"Can you imagine a similar game called ISLAM ATTACK!? Where all the characters get annihilated by jihad?" IMAGINE it??!! I read about it in the news every single day, here and at Religion of Peace!! Additionally, I can imagine a hugely profitable future for a JIHADIS ATTACK computer game that was slyly marketed as a "banned/underground/too graphic/too violent/unsuitable for children" product, while of course based on 100% jihad reality. Much like many excellent products that are offered for free (like this website!) are taken for granted, others that are suppressed are sought out for the thrill factor. Rather than constantly banging our heads against the wall of YouTube, Google, Lamestream media, etc, why not embrace the "Banned in Boston" label, and use it to continue the (dare I say it)...STEALTH COUNTER-JIHAD!! I thought about the same concept for an ANTI-jihad series of comic books. They'd be a hybrid of the old Tales from the Crypt (1950s) and Eerie Publications (1960s), they'd be appropriately gruesome, and rigidly judgmental, moralistic, and vengeful. From a NON-Koranic perspective, of course. Let us not despair, people, the opportunities are just shouting at us out there! :- )
Sorry, "God Who Hates."
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I just pre-ordered, and also added the great Wafa Sultan's "Religion that Hates" to the cart. A double-dose of anti-jihad vaccine!
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If I were a US congressman, this wd be my first Article of Impeachment against Obama--specifically obstructing justice in the Hassan case. We need a few modern Bob Dornans to get this ball rolling now.
I have been a reader of a fine Israel-based mag called "Biblical Archeology Review" for several years--maybe a little longer than I've been reading this blog! A few years ago, the editor, Hershel Shanks, wrote about an incredible and inexplicable grudge apparently held against the mag by the head of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Shuka Dorfman. Reading between the lines, it appeared that Shuka felt that BAR wasn't paying him the deference his position warranted, and he used his self-evidently critical position to harass and shut out BAR from breaking news and archeological developments in Israel. Ouch. Well, as luck wd have it, JUST YESTERDAY I read the following in the new issue of BAR: Hershel Shanks—“My Sulkha with Shuka” //Longtime BAR readers and even more recent ones are familiar with the fact that the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), Shuka Dorfman, has refused to speak to me since 2002—now more than seven years. My efforts at reconciliation have been rebuffed. But I have never ceased trying. Last December I called Shuka’s office and left him a message: I am going to be 80 years old, the message said, and I would like you to give me a birthday present—shake my hand. You don’t have to speak to me, just shake my hand. The next day the phone rang. I picked it up, and the voice on the other end said, “This is Shuka Dorfman.” “Shuka!” I exclaimed. I could hardly believe it. “Let’s make shalom, peace,” he said. “I have no hard feelings.” I welcomed the gesture and said that I would come to Jerusalem and we would have a sulkha, which is Arabic for a peace dinner. On January 12, 2010, Shuka and I had dinner together in Jerusalem, just the two of us. The first rule of a sulkha is that you don’t talk about the past. The focus is on the present and the future. We both observed this rule. Shuka was warm, friendly and engaging. We talked about specific ways we could work together. We talked about the changes in archaeology. We talked about publications that are coming out. We talked about our families. I found Shuka to be direct, but in his own way charming for all that. … My dinner with Shuka marked the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between BAR and the IAA. We look forward to working together.// Surely the fine principled mature people of Our Resistance can find an amicable way out of this dispute in a lot less than 7 years. Or before they turn 80, whichever comes first.
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Bill, when I saw your avatar photo, I thought you had stolen a photo of MY forehead. "Hey. that's ME!" lol I pray all principals in this dispute try extremely hard to avoid incinerating the village in order to save it.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Bloggers, Lies and the Videotape at Atlas Shrugs
The great William McGurn revealed more than 7 years ago what a shabby, egomaniacal blowhard (and Muslim-appeaser) Bill O'Reilly is: Dead-on bullseye.
I'm sure you'll get an extremely substantive, on-point response from the oh-so-coincidentally-named Jaweed Kaleem. After all, his status as a MSM journalist PLUS his status as a Religion of Peacer surely promises nothing but the most thoughtful, fair-minded dialogue. Or maybe it's just pissing into the wind?
I find this discussion quite stimulating and informative, but I really must object to this image of faithful/loyal Orthodox Slavic Russia standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Orthodox Slavic Serbia. It is an historical fact that the last great Serbian leader, Gen. Draza Mijailovich, was hunted dpwn and murdered in 1946 by Soviet client Josip Broz (Croatian, btw), with the full weight of the Kremlin authorizing his murder. Let's not ignore the historical record.
Hey, who cares what that little juif thinks, anyway?
This is all about establishing little self-contained shariah enclaves (cancer) within our once great-America (host body). Cancer cells absorb the resources from the host, while mindlessly and gradually killing it. If even 20% of our "intellectuals" had a shred of integrity, these efforts would be met with howls of laughter, and then definitive rejection. But no, since they are seen as helping the left, they will be pandered to. And the host will get even weaker.
Miriam, what a beautiful "rant," but I must correct you: Israel was NOT created by a conscience-stricken "world," it was RE-created by courageous and desperate Jews--for the 3d time in 3,000 years. Don't let that idiotic Obama-meme get into your brain (it was a main theme of his 2009 Cairo grovel). "Sarah Silverman expressed the tendency among American Jews to keep their heads firmly in the sand." No, their tendency is to firmly insert their heads up their @sses. At least 78% of them. Good grief.
We shd also recall the great contributions many Poles have made to the cause of world freedom the past ~30 years, esp. Wojtyla and Walesa, and their numerous great-hearted countrymen. It can be argued that Poland was the single biggest factor in the disintegration of the Red Empire. What a tragedy for a long-suffering country, may these souls rest in peace.
I think Gen Petraeus is a very good, smart man, but there is always a risk of deformation professionale when you get to the rarified, rather politicized top-levels of the Pentagon. You tend to proceed with an eye to what your superiors want you to say, eps when they are ruthless leftists like Obama, Klinton, etc, or soulless careerists like Gates. I spoke yesterday about the appalling lack of resignations in Obama's military. These people may well feel they need to ride out the storm and save the military in the long run (don't doubt that Obama wants to liquidate it 100%), so they are willing to cut a corner here or there to stay on the boat. I'd love to see a wave of resignations, but then who'd be running the ship--Gen "Let's not overreact to Maj Hassan" Casey?! I read what DWest wrote about Petraeus and McChrystal, I thought she was too harsh on them. But Max Boot IS in denial, too. Come on, it's silly to compare the man who brilliantly lead the liquidation of AQ in Iraq to Mel Gibson. Good grief.
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2010 on Petraeus’s Jewish Problem at Atlas Shrugs
If only we had some Jewish civil liberties attorneys, then we cd set up a sweet religious discrimination lawsuit against the Obama administration. Oooops, they're all too busy defending Gitmo detainees and helping Muslim airline passengers sue citizens for dirty looks.
Yeah, refusing to name your enemies will make them disappear, bibbity bobbity booo!! [Actually, make that BOOOOOOM!!!] How these clowns have maintained an approval rating in the 40's is the most depressing commentary on the illness of our society I can imagine. Bob Gates shd have committed hiri-kiri months ago. He is a gutless, shameless careerist. And why isn't the Pentagon DELUGED w/resignations--are ALL of them in the tank?! I recall the Carter Admin, there were hundreds of officers who resigned and signed petitions of protest, bought full page ads in the WaPo, NYT, and WSJ. Where are they today?! And our poor, brain-dead fellow Joooooos, 78% voting for Haman Obama, who sat and watched and soaked up 22 years of Jeremiah Wright sermons. Wd they have cared if his pastor was David Duke? Probably not. AIPAC is functionally defunct, they have their noses surgically implanted up Oby's @ss. The GOP has some fine captains, but zero generals. The Dhims are almost uniformly Stalinist or Peronist evil. I did not despair after 9/11, I thought it was a critical but relatively small wake-up call. What's 2977 corpses amongst friends? But, no, I was too optimistic. We have fallen back to sleep. 2977 wasn't enough. For the love of God, 2977 innocents murdered in 1 day wasn't enough to wake us up. What does that say of us? Nothing good. I shudder to imagine what it will take to actually wake us up.
It is important to note that this carnage was wrought by the "good, SECULAR Turks" when they were at their most secular. Lenin said, "Scratch a Bolshevik, and underneath you'll find a Russian chauvinist." Scratch a Kemalist, and underneath you'll find a jihadi.
The Repubs shd carefully plan a deliberate and public threat to impeach Prez Hussein for this--it is malfeasance and dereliction of duty (he is CinC, remember) of the highest order. They shd take his exact words, and explain why he is now subject to impeachment shd he follow his plan. They they shd get all Congressional Repubs to sign a resolution for such, and then move on to the Dhimms. I bet they will easily gain a big majority for such an impeachment threat. Klinton was impeached for much less, as was Nixon. This is a whisper away from open treason.
I hate to quote myself, but I think the test I posted here in late 2008 is useful in grading the EDL, and the other defamed European resistance groups: "Here's the JewishOdysseus test for judging a morally acceptable cause by its members: 1--Do its members refrain from issuing death threats? 2--Do its members engage in lawful, normal exercise of free speech and protest? 3--Do its members refrain from violently suppressing other people who choose to engage in normal free speech and protest, but have different views? 4--Do its members refrain from receiving funds from hostile foreign governments? 5--Do its members refrain from receiving instructions from hostile foreign governments? 6--Do its members refrain from receiving weapons and terrorist training from hostile foreign governments? 7--Do its members refrain from inciting violence against other law-abiding citizens? 8--Do its members seek to import an alien ideology into their country? I haven't seen a single credible claim that the anti-Islamization protests are linked to such unacceptable activities. Yet, somehow the people who oppose them feel the need to use violence, threats, and official corruption to protect "goodness and niceness," as the late great Maxwell Smart put it." Learn it, love it, live it!
You people need to get a grip, being offended by a few words. Now HERE is a true example of hate-speech, the govt of Israel (led by Bibi Netanyahu) imposed 3 months jail for it: Now THAT is hate speech. Got it?
Seems like I'm always the contrarian, but... Why is this "kerfuffle" so fatal? It is a false start to a premier that is still 5 weeks away. FDI has explained why they feel they cannot be affiliated w/CAN in this particular project, but why can't CAN stand up on its own? Are the nothing w/out FDI? FDI is still a fledgling org, they're no 800-lb gorilla, esp on the Left Coast. It is clear that the bulk of the folks here upset w/FDI are sincere evangelical Christians, with principled reasons for their critique. Well, as I look at it, there are ~10 million folks living in the greater Los Angeles area. How many evangelicals--5%? 10%? 20%? Let's be conservative, and say 2%. Factoring in minors, that wd mean there are at least 100,000 adult evangelicals in the LA area. If just 5% OF THEM came out for the May 1 premiere, that wd be 5,000 people--a tremendous public display of support for Geert Wilders and the counter-jihad! And these are ultra-lowball calculations--why cdn't there by 50,000 people there? There's 5 full weeks to prepare, and this "kerfuffle" has added a lot of publicity already. Rather than complaining about Pam and Robert, these folks should be hitching up their boots and preparing to make the biggest, most successful splash possible for this premiere. "YOU CAN BECOME THE GORILLA!" ;- )
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2010 on LA Premiere Cancellation at Atlas Shrugs
"the Freedom Defense Initiative is about fighting jihad and Islamic supremacism, and that's all we are about." Focus is a beautiful thing. Focus. Focus leads to victories.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on LA Premiere Cancellation at Atlas Shrugs
Have any of the kibbitzers ever considered that Pamela and Robert might have a principled disagreement with the historical position of CAN on the homosexual issues? Can we at least give them the benefit of the doubt on it? I have seen both of them attack Islam many times for its proscription of homosexuality, and violent punishment of it. (As has Geert.) How can sticking to a principle be considered caving in?
Mike Pence is a very good man. He has also been solid and upfront in his opposition to Obammunism since the Immaculation. Keep an eye on him!
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Mike Pence: Obama Bullying Israel at Atlas Shrugs