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Dan K
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What's amazing is that so many "well heeled" donors are still giving this charlatan scads of money. I can only believe they are buying access. For whatever reason, it troubles me that so many rich people are still paying for failed Democrats.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on Reassurance From Alfred E. Obama at JustOneMinute
"It's enough to make me wish we had Bill Clinton back ... and I was no Clinton fan." Really? Clinton? The guy who got us involved in the European Kosovo civil war (no threat to us), promised everyone would be home by Christmas (they're still there), and pleased Muslims so much that a Kosovan Muslim gunned down unarmed US soldiers sitting on a Germany? That Clinton you want back?
Hmmm...sounds like things aren't going so well on our Utopian Californian campuses. Personally, I think all teachers should be paid the same amount, regardless of seniority, ability or load. Seems only fair. Never mind that the state is broke. Education, like health care, is a right and should be "free" for all. The campuses are Utopia, remember?