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I'd love to use Karlie's poem as a benediction. Can you share her whole name so I can give her credit? or send me a message? Thanks! Shawna Bowman
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2012 on send us - worship trick 12 series 4 at jonnybaker
I've had a few inquiries about the process so a quick overview... For background I most often use a heavy duty paper that is used by photographers as backdrop. Its affordable and comes on rolls from a few feet to twelve feet wide. It comes in variety of colors but I use black because the color really stands out and its a forgiving background if I want to rework any portion of the painting during the process. The material is oil paint in stick and bar form, it works just like regular oil paint and can be blended with my hands for several hours before it begins to dry. I don't use brushes or mineral spirits - this saves on messiness and smelliness :) I don't usually approach a worship service with a complete idea for a painting because I want the painting to be a response to act of worship, the community and the Word in all the ways that it is expressed and engaged... it's a meditative and worshipful experience, I get to worship through painting and the Spirit moves through the process in a wonderful and rich way. I do try to read and sit with the text and collaborate with the other members of the worship team. In this case I was in conversation with Pastor Jesse Perry of First Presbyterian in Mt. Pleasant as we planned the service and with Bruce over the course of the weekend about the theme of his visit and the service itself. Thanks Bruce for a great sermon... I just keep thinking about your words, "if only for a moment" we can have the courage to step out and imitate Christ in the world. What might happen??
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