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Love this. Love love love.
That song, "Take Me to Church," irritates the snot out of me. I was completely indifferent toward it, until the radio started playing it once an hour. (The shop right outside my office at work has the radio on all day and I actually kept track, once, because I felt like I was hearing it all day long. Turns out, I pretty much was.) You know where I've discovered some of my favorite music? Two of my favorite tv shows: Parenthood and The Blacklist. Whoever is responsible for their episode soundtracks are freaking geniuses. The song Troy and I danced to at our wedding (Ian Britt's "In the Shape of Us") was a song I heard on Parenthood. True story.
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I love your daughter's pompom hat!
Farewell, Bravermans. ::sob::
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I honestly think I haven't cried during maybe two episodes of this entire show. I have totally screwed myself with this plan to watch them all together. I still can't believe this is it though. =(
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I have watched Parenthood since the very first episode. And I am in denial about this being the final season. I have only watched the first episode, so far, and the rest are all stacking up on my DVR. I've gotten myself current on all the other shows I watch, so I guess that means I need to start watching Parenthood now. I was "saving them up to savor," but now I am questioning that logic. I'm going to need a case of tissues to watch all of these in a row.
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Thank you for this! I am a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. I'm silent on social media hot button topics because I choose to make my opinions "speak" in ways that accomplish more than ill will and caustic sniping.
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