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That would be "Cave of Night" by James E. Gunn. An X MINUS ONE broadcast February 1st, 1956 I also remember seeing this on television on the old Desilu Playhouse if memory serves me.
Speaking of changing things -- have you seen the Alan Ladd movie of "The Great Gatsby"? It actually starts with two of the main characters standing over Gatsby's grave reminiscing about his colorful life ! ! !
When I saw the movie years ago, I was impressed by the convincing dialogue between the two scientists. Of course, when I went back and looked at the original story, the scriptwriter had (wisely) used a lot of Weinbaum's stuff word for word. That's not always the way it works nowadays.
This is the sort of story that would work better on radio than in a visual medium. We have to imagine for ourselves just how disfigured the stranger is, instead of watching the product of a make-up artist.
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