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I wish the mail order blockbusters could at least be returned to kiosks, if not swapped. It would probably help with the turnaround time.
Wow Bob. Try to be less of an asshole next time. "cretin"? Seriously? I've had netflix streaming ever since it came to the xbox 360; streaming is what actually made me sign with Netflix in the first place despite my having the blockbuster online service that I've been pretty pleased with. I like DVDs... I like blu-rays more but I have 80 DVDs in my queue to watch and only 2 of these are available via instant streaming. In my instant queue, only 19 titles are available of the 54 titles currently in it. The tivo netflix app sucks. The xbox and ps3 clients are good but when I power them on, I find myself doing things other than streaming netflix on them so I don't bother. I have no interest in watching movies on my ipad or iphone. With my use of the streaming so limited, I will probably take advantage of this offer and downgrade to the $8 plan.