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I am doing my best to keep from using profanity or referencing losing my breakfast in this post. I'm not sure if I am more angered by the audacity of the suggestion of 'clean coal', or physically ill with the expectation that they will pull this off by convincing each other than those who work in the coal mines are incapable of working anywhere else. It's one of the signs of the cultural cancer that Conservatives are struck with. While the FDA is cracking down on outright lies in packaging claims of 'organic' and 'natural', we are allowing politicians to get away with a more damaging illusion of 'clean coal'. When are we going to call out the Emperor? When are we going to grow up and deal with the problems we are capable of solving, if only we had the morality to be honest with ourselves, and a little trust in our own ingenuity.
NASA just released a report indicating that 2000 - 2009 was the warmest decade on record, and 2009 was the second warmest year on record since 1880 - the first being 2005. I'm guessing that Sulleny has a problem with that as well. It's just one more of the many, many credible data points connecting the dots of a cause-effect relationship between GHG and climate change. The evidence is stacking up. Deniers, for all their ulterior motives, seem to be unmoved by pragmatic examples. We have a near perfect contrast between industrialized China where Acid Rain and Mercury poisoned communities resulted from the same type of ignorance. The US changed our trajectory on the same path through Clean Air legislation during the 70's. What sound mind thinks that changing the makeup of an ecosystem doesn't have a consequence. It's surprising to me that the dinosaurs still have the gall to show their ignorance.
I'm curious why deniers are following greencarcongress. I guess ignorance likes an audience. Harvey, don't let the preponderence of evidence outweigh the usefullness of an exageration to manipulate the argument. And Will, you're argument is pretty lame. H2O will kill you in excess - get a clue. No one has suggested eliminating CO2, any more than suggesting we eliminate human waste, but I think we all agree that dumping (sorry for the pun) it in the street is not a good idea. Let's try cleaining it up.
Is anyone surprised by this. Most disturbing is that the trends have shifted toward Planetary causes. Were the poll to show other connections, I'm convinced we would find associations between "Plantetarists" and an economic motive, whether it is direct or indirect (I don't want to stop consuming). We've developed a 'not me' culture that truly believes we can deliver a 'just in time', Hollywood-style fix to any catastrophe. While no one knows where that point really is - there's enough science to suggest an acceleration effect, and a tipping point before we get concensus on action. We need a more profound message to the average American, who will ultimately reject politics, reject rhetoric, and reject their own selfish consumption for the benefit of the country. Scientists expect citizens to make decisions the way they do - on the basis of fact - when in truth, the average citizen uses a trusted source to guide their decision-making. My guess is you have Planetarists who look to Limbaugh, Beck, etc. for their science in the same way they do for their politics. The burden is on us to rise above these voices with a more honest, more accurate, and more persuasive message.