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Don't get too complacent about the slow speed of sea level rise. Ice melting is an accelerating process. And it's not just Greenland, but the big daddy Antarctica. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that people would rather stay on the path to melting all the ice than do anything about it. Check the latest American polling. You can watch American "belief" in human caused climate change dropping like a rock in response to the prospect of doing absolutely anything at all to stop it. As if nature cares one whit what anyone "believes" or professes to "believe."
What Mark BC said, but also, well-to-wheels analysis shows that even when driven on coal electrons, electric cars are far, far more efficient than gasoline ones, even given the same mass. RFH, you have no idea what you're talking about. From treehugger: "Because electric vehicles have no internal combustion engine and no conventional transmission, their efficiency is almost 1.5 miles per MJ. For comparison, the hybrid Prius is 0.42 miles per MJ, and a conventional Honda Civic is 0.39 miles per MJ. When you combine the well-to-tank efficiency with the vehicle's efficiency, the electric vehicle has a well-to-wheel efficiency of 0.7 miles per MJ, compared with 0.35 miles per MJ for the Prius. If the well-to-wheel efficiency of an electric vehicle is about twice as good as an internal combustion vehicle, and the energy source is up to 15 times cheaper, it is easy to understand why an electric vehicle can travel 100 miles for a dollar, while the Prius does the same for about six dollars."
Americans are about to get a really long and painful science lesson. The popular denial is likely to get even worse before it finally collapses under the weight of horrific events. Then as as the reality finally seeps through skulls thickened by years of Limbaugh/Drudge/Beck rhetoric, it will morph into a belated conservative passion for trillion-dollar geoengineering schemes. The world will be forced to pay up. And corporations like Halliburton, Boeing, Schlumberger and Bechtel will be poised to "save us." The Right will be happy to pay through the nose if it fattens corporate coffers. The GOP has no problem with big government if it feeds their bottom line. Anything but making things better. Anything but reimagining our lifestyles to be simpler, more cost-efficient, and sensible. The 'merican energy consumption orgy is non-negotiable, remember?