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This is all great news for VCE customers - making complex simple, that's what we do!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on VCE Vblock: Charting The Changes at Chuck's Blog
Chad, thanks for bringing a superb topic to the fore. I know you're obsessed about customer satisfaction, as am I, and for that reason I wanted to write a bit of a parallel thread to your post about the risks I've seen personally with Reference Architectures, and where they are best used - education. Spot on to call out the channel partners - good ones don't just use a reference arch, they have built experience on top and all kinds of value add. The best partners have gone even further and built on top of VCE to get the best of all worlds...
Right guy, right place, right time, game on.
You guys are all on the money. When you've got 64 blades and more behind a pair of fabric interconnects, you really don't want to be overloading them with complex L3 and FC code :-) with a typical 60:1 Guest:Host ratio that's heading towards 4,000 VMs ... a lot of brains are behind UCS and so far if it doesn't do something there's usually a good reason for it...
Amazing story, Steve. Thankfully your bloodhound nose and gut instincts saved you from what would have been a nightmare business partnership. The Kap lives to fight another day! ;-)