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Without trying to prognosticate too much, the idea of new scale norms may have some historical basis from the turn of the the 20th century. In my estimation, the rise of consumption on the consumer side and concentration on the career side may be both attributed to the same thing: advertising. I think it can be convincingly argued that one thing the Progressive Era did for us to was to create market demand for things we didn't know we needed. Accordingly, it created career opportunities supplying these things in large factories, focused mainly on efficiency. The demand side of this equation took the form of new media in advertising and the supply side took the form of mass industrialization. The post-consumer era we're seeing has those identical concepts. Advertising is struggling, at least in its current form, as we've transgressed beyond major information asymmetries - at least relative to 100 yrs ago. Mass industrialization is under attack for the reasons you mention along with the effects of globalization. I don't think the question is if this change is permanent; only time will tell. However in the near-term, how can we influence it and capitalize on it. It may be the answer is advertising, again.
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