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Interests: usa soccer and arsenal fc...and beers
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Big Smoke - here it is. Great read.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I will be there too. I'm packing a flask of Jack. OOOOOOOO USA!
+1 our sons can battle it out
rossi could sit on it
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on World Cup Preliminary Roster Day at Soccer By Ives
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with a beautiful Killer Instinct reference.
anyone find a working arsenal/fulham feed? all i seem to find are not working ones!
agreed 110% so under appreciated
how fast in your connection to reach him down in Mexico? and with that said I am pulling for both to make the team however unlikely that will be
agreed, for the most part ha
How did Duece play?
Certainly didn't mean to imply that you said that the Arsenal have given up, just that we had no shot at all to pull something epic out; and good on you for actually giving the Gunners a chance before the match to draw. Most thought Arsenal would be exposed with our headcase keeper, injury prone players and lack of a true striker. Isn't far from the truth but I couldn't be happier the way it turned out based on the majority of the game. 2nd leg should be memorable to say the least, that is if it goes the right way!!!!
****w/o Captain Fantastic aka Cesc for all of you who did not know..... ****there are NOT many more options to play holding mid than Denilson
Hey Ives, Just read through the text from the match and I literally cannot believe you wrote off the Gunners in the 60th. Not even that but you wrote us off for the 2nd leg too?!?! Have to say that I didn't see the Arsenal coming back to draw based on the run of play, had hope/prayers, but with you being in tune with all teams, esp. the great clubs, you've had to known that this season the Gunners do not give up EVER and always seem to answer the call! 2nd leg is very intriguing with Puyol and Marquez out. I expect Bendtner to expose the new CB's, Marquez and Yaya I would assume. I think the Arsenal can handle this game with Captain Fantastic, I mean hell we have to; slot in Nasri/Rosicky in the middle, start Theo up on the wing, and then Nasri/Rosicky on the other wing. Eboue should start for Sagna (need more attacking options) and stick Song in the back for Gallas. Denilson would then have to play the holding mid role but there are many more options. I see another great match next week but first Wolves can sit on it this weekend!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONERS! (SBI-You're not serious right? I never said Arsenal would "give up" but nobody in their right mind gave Arsenal a chance after Ibrahimovic's second goal. Nobody. Okay, maybe some hardcore Arsenal fans who would refuse to believe otherwise, but at that point there was zero evidence to suggest a comeback. Kudos to Arsenal for fighting back, but I hardly think I was alone in believing the series and match would be over after that second goal. I should also note that I picked a 2-2 scoreline before the match so i can't say I was totally upset with that outcome. it makes for a great second leg.)
born and raised in South Detroit? DID you take the midnight train going anywhere?
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on MLS Cup 2010 is headed to Toronto at Soccer By Ives
Agreed, couldnt have said it better
In the same boat as you Jim. GK: T. Perkins - DC DEF: Cameron - HOU, Pause - CHI and Klein - LA MID: Arnaud - KC, McCarty - DAL, Evans - SEA and Ljungberg - SEA FWD: Cummings - COL, John - CHI, Nkufo - SEA
thanks alot man. just signed up. we will see how my first foray goes! watch out for "RVP Be Gunnin"
Hey Ives I want in but never had played fantasy soccer before That being said I have no clue on how to draft (how many at each position, flex spots etc.) or how the scoring would happen which in turn would effect may initial drafting. Can someone please shed some light on me?! Much appreciated. Go you Gunners!!!!!!!!!!
Gunners always seem to be getting by the skin of our teeth. Don't count us out with any draw! What I would like to see is a Bordeaux v Arsenal draw to watch Chamakh play against is new club. For the finals it would be nice to see Man U v Arsenal, of course Arsenal wins the CL and continues to win the EPL.
#2 for Bendtner as Arshavin dazzles in the box and finds Big Nick alone! Good Old Arsenal We're proud to say that name! And while we sing this song We'll win the game!
after how many chances Bendtner had this weekend and missed I feel he is up to it today. If not the goals have gotta come from midfield, maybe "Little Mozart" Rosicky or Nasri. Gunners get on them 3-0 at the Grove.
Man I forgot how great the DonoMAN goal was against Brazil. The whole play from the Rico Clark through for the start to Chuck D. feeding it back on a lunging through to DonoMAN. Good call on the top goals Ives.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Top Five USMNT Goals of 2009 at Soccer By Ives
Hey anyone have a working stream of the Arsenal v Liverpool match. al mine seem to be crapping out from channelsurfing, atdhe, ustream and I might be outta luck.