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Alixandra Hice
Jacksonville, Florida
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Roger all that! My sister had a Barbie Dreamhouse that she did NOT share. I wasn't even allowed in the same room with it and had to peek around corners as my sister assembled the cardboard furniture. When she finally outgrew the Dreamhouse, it was stashed in the attic and I would sneak in to visit it. I was horrified as the dust piled up on it's roof and once mustered the courage to brush off the dust and open it up. My sister knew immediately that it had been disturbed. How do sisters do that? In my defense, I told her I just wanted to clean it off for her, but she knew better and softened a bit. She told me that when I was "older" (a consistent theme in our family that rarely had any context at all), she would give the Dreamhouse to me. Oh joy! Naturally, I waited and waited and that never happened. Then when I was 13 and we were set to move to Florida, I asked about the Dreamhouse, hoping I was finally old enough to acquire it. My sister then told me I was too old for it and threw it in the trash. Funny how your post stirred that memory. And just so you know... I really WAS too old for the Dreamhouse by then and didn't suffer the injustice too much. Thankfully, my sister is MUCH nicer to me now. Thanks for a great post, Chrisy. Would that we all had a special friend like yours.
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Sep 29, 2009