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Indeed Bret, I agree with you. Hardly revolutionary... To me m 4/3's makes more sense to me, I really hope Leica brings some lenses to it. Regards João
I Love Leica. But this is hardly a revolution or a turning point in photography. Come on, a +4000€ without live-view, good flash system, good range of lenses from wide to tele, AF, IS, good ISO (just 2500?)... If any brand be it Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony or even Panasonic wanted to lose money they would do a +4000€ FF camera that offers nothing besides a sensor and a good HQ slim body. Of course the M9 will sell, not because its a innovative tool but because its a Leica. If the M9 was priced along the limits of a M7 that would be indeed outstanding... but even then, the A900 is more of a photographic tool. For specific tasks and style the M9 is good not great and for general photography and profissional work she fails given the outstanding price. It's a rich man's and rich photographers camera. But boy I would love to be rich...;) But in the XXI century I'm more in tune with the real world, and understand that this camera is for a few lucky human beings....5000€ for the rest of the world is enough to give you food for a year and other things. Best wishes...