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Someone send this to Nancy Pelosi so she can see that HER supporters use the swastika
It's just so "In Your Face".
There has to be a way to convey to people how Obama is handing it over on a pedestal! Putting all of the evidence together demonstrates how their goal of a world caliphate and Islamic flag over the White House CLEARLY shows that such a routine meeting of Muslims (on basis of their so called religion) can serve to undermine the republic and everything it stands for! If one has seen the videos of how they take over the city streets daily in Europe during prayer times (like the video of Paris posted showing them lined up as far as the eye could see) and knows their ulterior motives it is blatantly obvious what they are up to!! For Obama to be so frivolous!!! I mean - WHAT is he trying to prove by letting them have carte blanche over everything they desire? Perhaps if we had a willing Jewish community to complete the weekend then beginning at Sundown or even Saturdays -- that will go have Shabbat and Oneg BOTH there with tables, candles, Maneschewitz and a let the Capitol steps be the bima! Shoot, I'll spring for a Torah complete with Bein Gavra, the yarmulkes, Siddurs and the Rabbi! Then on Sundays the Christians and Catholics can do their thing!
In re: "wasn't obama a muslim and converted to christianity. Is he under their same law as well?" Both of his parents were not Muslims - AND she was divorced from his Muslim father. If his family were still united in Islam the chances would be good that he would be under the same law. Also, they moved their geographic location and it could have been due to that sort of threat that he was moved -- or as a consequence of him being moved, he was no longer under threat.
I'm with Sarastro. I'm sorry you caved. Extraneous issues get in the way of the cause. Who is trying to be divisive.
Fraud in Rotterdam In disgraceful way it was in Rotterdam, the PvdA is the winner . The difference was 651 votes, but the "disappearance" of two ballot boxes from white neighborhoods and the massive fraud in the black neighborhoods, according to need Mayor Aboutaleb not further recount forthcoming.
lilredbird: I saw a video of Geert speaking there in London with Lord Pearson. He had a look on his face (and I have been in his presence on good day) that gave me the feeling he had just been told something that stunned him. It was a look that he was troubled - at both the beginning and end of his statement. It is very strange because as you say he has everything going for him right now -- perhaps he has been made aware of some sort of plot against him and/or his people/party - to be performed before the June elections. I would not put it past them you know - those leftists and Islamists who are in cahoots against him. PG, I hope you get a chance to talk to him and maybe you can compel him to share ? is now following Kenny Solomon
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Mar 6, 2010
OTHREEELEVEN : WOW --your insight amazes -- I see you get that same feeling I get when you can't figure out why in the world someone would be fighting so hard for a cause that is so unjust. The response elicited is so aggressive that it warrants a second look. In politics and interpersonal relations I noticed also that when someone throws stones at glass houses it is usually because there is something they have done that is wrong and they would disdain a judgement or discovery. BRAVO !! You know when we get to the immigration issue here in the USA - and I hear that it's next - we should all pay very close attention (not the ball but) where the ball bounced last.
Where are all of the women?????
I see a trend developing governments of USA, England and Australians DECLARATION OF GOVERNING PRINCIPLES FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS The Australia of today has sadly lost the liberty of yesteryears. The government has not been the government of the people, consequently, the employed have become the disemployed, our industries have been moved offshore, our farmers have been forced off their land, the peoples utilities have been handed over to private investment, our wealth has been exported, the foreign debt hangs like a millstone around the neck of each Australian present and future, our very means of livelihood has been legislated away! Decades of government by the party system has allowed this to happen to our country. The liberty and way of life that thousands of patriotic Australians fought for and gave their lives to retain, has been handed away by the enemy within our own government, we have lost the freedom to control our own destiny. Now is the time for all of Australia to unite as one to save and rebuild our once great country! I believe that the following set of principles can be adopted by all people, all groups, and all political parties, and that the principles will unite Australians one and all in common good and purpose for the restoration of our lost liberty.
Thank you Pamela for lending a voice and a helping hand - as we who are keeping up with events in Britain & Europe know the liberal & Islamist agenda is doing everything it can to hold on to power. I have heard it said that once Islam get's into power it will do everything it can possibly think of to keep it. I have been a fan of their website on Facebook due to common cause against militant Islam for a long while now and have yet to see any overtly anti-Semitic or racist overtones. I think it is more of a stereotype of the general membership due to them being young, fearless and patriotic as well as protective over England. I am very surprised that their membership isn't a lot higher -- seems the liberal agenda is beginning to really gain a foothold in the citizenship who is quick to believe in the absence of proof to the contrary.
If the leftist agenda in the USA is left unchecked this is where we are headed. I hope these actions make the British voter even more angry and serves as a tool for EDL to get their point across and add to their membership !!
The video statement has been removed from Youtube. Should we assume it was really removed by " the user " ? Also, I we find today that they were placed in a prison alongside the Muslim gangs! They have been beaten and beaten again. Behold the equivalence of the Democrats in Britain who will do whatever they can to retain power in the Parliament and to secure the Muslim vote block in Britain. I wonder if Tommy R was one arrested.
Well i think she should check into posting the book online so people who want to read it can do so or print it out. If a lot of people show up with requests to purchase from booksellers like Amazon (once she has posted it) that will create the request from a publisher to publish.....
Now this will have to be done at Governor Ted Strickland's front drive!
The link to Ohio Governor speaks at CAIR banquet is broken The document has been removed/deleted from the server