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The train has already left the station. You are either: 1. On it. 2. Got run over by it. 3. Running to catch it. Do something disruptive with THEM! Live interactive poll using where they can answer question(s) via text msg on their blackberry, blueberry, iphone, uphone, etc... Ask them questions only (that you carefully craft) and they discuss the responses with them citing examples (via video) of each possible answer. "If you answered no to such-n-such a question...then explain this ... insert video of student creating...on computer/mobile/etc."
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Scott, you missed the point of contention about the speech. For most parents who objected, like me, it was not the speech itself (after all we hadn't read or heard it yet), it was 2 things: 1. The letters sent to schools ahead of time encouraging them to show it. 2. The accompanying lesson plans. The lessons were released way before the text of the speech was. And, the activities the President asked students to do were not appropriate to the level of federal involvement in schools that I, and others, want to see (or not see.) Originally, students were asked to write how they can support the President AND were going to be held accountable by their teachers for completing the assignment. All that was changed only after the outrage. Presidents have spoke to schools before, although only a few times and other than Reagan addressed students live after the Challenger explosion, none have done so nation-wide, live. And, none have sent in "suggested" lessons and activities for schools to accompany the speech. That's my problem with the speech and it does not matter to me who the President is and what color his/her skis is either. -Brian
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