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Austin, TX
Droppin' Bombs, Smackin' Bitches, Knittin' Baskets...
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It feels so odd to have all my blog and LiveJournal posts in one place. I can hardly remember what I wrote in the LiveJournal, but I wrote a lot! I feel like LJ was a middleplace between Facebook entries and long-and-detailed blog entries. (It also had an adorable little kitty icon who showed my moods.) Now that it's all in one happy place, all organized and fortified in together-tude, it will inspire more writings by this one! I am really having a lot of fun adventures down in Austin, and just need to give myself the time to write... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2010 at All Of These Ones
The good folks at TypePad are going to help me import my LiveJournal. WooHoo! Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2010 at All Of These Ones
I just imported my old blog ( to this blog. Feels good to have everything back in one place. :) Next step--I'm going to try to figure out how to import my old LiveJournal. That has to still exist somewhere too, right? Then I'll have me some comprehensive blog. Oh, sweet OCD... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2010 at All Of These Ones
You know that feeling when you've got a project that lingers? Where the date to give the gift has long since past and you are still working furiously to complete it? Well, I have been working on this cross stitch since April of 2009, as a wedding present for my sister, who got married in June of 2009. And this past Sunday, I finished it! That's about 16 months! Ay yi yi! When Mary decided on her wedding date, I knew that I would need to make the long bus trip from Boston to Connecticut more often than usual. It... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2010 at All Of These Ones
I bought an external keyboard, in the hopes of extending my poor old laptop's life by a few more months. It came with a user's manual, which is practically an exercise in how to have terrible grammar. And I love it. It's like a Post-Modern piece of art... If you're just skimming--I highly recommend the "Anti-pollution" paragraph: And always remember: "We cannot put out strength to twist or pull it." Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2010 at All Of These Ones
“Y’all” is an awesome word. Before I moved to Texas, I really distinctly recall making fun of my college friends from Texas for saying it. My argument being that it’s not really a word, and if it was a word, its origins would be found in a steaming pile of terrible grammar. I mean, seriously, “You all”? I can still hear the inbred twangs of a banjo along an uncharted riverside when it’s broken out this way. But, now that I’m here, I am falling deeply in love with this wacky contraction. And not just because it’s fun to say,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2010 at All Of These Ones
Craigslist is a beautiful thing. But sometimes the bounty needs a little work. Recently, I came across a pretty good bargain on a dining room table with 6 chairs, and matching stools. It was the perfect size for my space, and I was sold. The only problem was that the seats were all stained up--after suffering years of abuse from the 2 child household they'd previously been living in. Exhibit A: One of the chairs, before: Ew. All 6 chairs looked a little something like this. So, I got an extra $20 off, and hauled the suckers home. Then, I... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2010 at All Of These Ones
Down here in Central Texas, we've been enjoying the last true days of spring*. That hot sticky weather I've heard so much is on its way, so it's important to get all the non-pool-related activities in that you can, before the thermometer mozies its way on up over 100, and stays there for a few months. The end of spring marks the harvesting time for the Agarita berry. These tart and tangy berries are found on bushes along the road, and they're pretty much up for grabs--if you're brave enough to harvest them! Yesterday, Mr. Holliday took us out to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2010 at All Of These Ones
So, to catch up briefly--I recently moved from Boston to Austin. Lots of changes come along with a big move like that. The weather's different, the people are different, and I'm learning to get around with an auto rather than a metro. I keep marveling at things that are very commonplace to most people around these parts. And one such thing is my garbage disposal. I've never lived in an apartment with a garbage disposal before, and I didn't realize that my new digs came with one until a day or so after I moved in! When I realized it--a... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2010 at All Of These Ones
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Mar 16, 2010
Over the past few months, I've flown around a lot more than usual. And this morning I find myself again at Logan Airport's scenic Terminal C. This time, jetting off to sunny Austin Texas to visit with the lovely Ms. Holliday! I'm really excited to hang with my good buddy, and to meet her new puppy Penny--who I feel to know already, from all the adorable pictures! Our rough agenda includes the following: Margaritas A Mad Men Themed highball night at a karaoke/bowling place Valentine's Day Sock Hop A local bar that serves free red beans and rice out of... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2010 at All Of These Ones
Posted Dec 1, 2009 at All Of These Ones
This weekend, I decoded to change things up. As the lovely Courtney is pointing out, this weekend, I broke an old rule, and reintroduced myself to an old friend... The high five.. Much like my short-lived vegetarianism, I also gave up high-fiving for a few years. And I went back to it for much the same reason that I now indulge in delicious steaks. Because the high five feels good. It feels awesome. It feels totally rad. Totally. Rad. Editor's Note: I didn't crop Bhumika out on purpose, but this was the best pointing-to-a-high-five pic of the night! Well... The... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2009 at All Of These Ones