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I loved this. I've been reading TOP for about a year, and this is the best post I've seen yet. I'd like to offer a suggestion as to why Veblen goods havent entered the photography marketplace to the same extent as the hifi marketplace: The nature of hifi goods makes it difficult to expose chicanery. More experienced ears can hear more subtle differences in sound reproduction, and so claiming to be able to hear the difference between two pieces of equipment gives the listener prestige. Photos, however, are subject to much easier comparison by way of side by side viewing of test shots at various magnification levels. And digital photos can be transmitted and published all over the web for the public to decide for themselves. To discern between pieces of hifi, the consumer must be in the presence of the equipment being compared, which also usually means being in the presence of a salesman who can claim to hear the difference. I dropped my subscription to Stereophile after I read a review for a certain brand of solder that supposedly made your speaker sound more natural. Those guys are infected with something powerful.