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Oh that was magic! I loved hearing your voice and attaching it to your fantastic work of art and blog!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Testing, testing, can you hear me? at Elsa Mora
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It certainly hurts when our beloved ones are missing! We simply have to count our blessings and go on! Have as much a merry Christmas as you can!Hugs AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2011 on last activity in the calendar at Cozy Homemaking
Great pictures! Adorable your children! Have great holidays! I enjoy your blog and your art very much! AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on Happy Holidays from the Horbergs! at Elsa Mora
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Wishing you all the best for your move! Changes can be painful but still they can be beautiful too!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2011 on memory books at tiny happy
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I loved your candles! I made some walnut candles like yours the other day!The mag is excellent! I loved the glass blower's red vase!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2011 on hot off the press at resurrection fern
I had a barbie I bought as a teenager by collecting all my pocket money. It was expensive back then but I loved it and since I couldn't afford clothes for her I made my own too. I loved the tutorial for the little wreath,easy and quick last minute craft for school too, thanks!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2011 on for the kids at tiny happy
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It is difficult to be patient with older people as much as we should be at least. Every time you are impatient try to remember that before long we are going to be in their place. Also think that from now on your husband will have to put up with your mum every day so you can just be patient with his for a couple of days every year. I hope you don't mind me saying all this. Just to help you with words from far away. I know reality is much more difficult for those who face it!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on last school day of 2011 at Cozy Homemaking
Oh that's great! I hope you had a good time!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2011 on from here to there at resurrection fern
Yes sometimes we have to slow down especially when around it is so beautiful!Thanks for the lovely photos again!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2011 on last saturday morning at resurrection fern
I entered the giveaway! The coasters are so nice as they are colourful but the pincushion is gorgeous!It must be Sonia's!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2011 on Wanna win...... at i heart linen
How could one pass a Durer, it would be a pity!It is beautiful!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2011 on second-hand finds at tiny happy
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I wouldn't ever manage to make this garland; I would have eaten all the pop corn before finishing the garland!LOL!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2011 on Pop, pock, pull. Repeat at Cozy Homemaking
What a great idea the globes are to recycle old cards. I am planning to do it at school!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2011 on paper globes (and gift making) at Cozy Homemaking
I love sweet peas; their colour and smell!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2011 on comfort eating at tiny happy
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Great photos Margie;by the way we have the same computer picture and the same Christmas flower cactus!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2011 on weekend snapshots at resurrection fern
I loved seeing the little hands making the cookies along with yours! Recipe please!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2011 on linzer sunday at Cozy Homemaking
I would love to read some poetry in English!Great cover!Congrats!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2011 on the comforter + a giveaway for you at tiny happy
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That's funny reallY!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on I admitt at Cozy Homemaking
Lovely photos of the tree!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2011 on deck the halls, part I at Cozy Homemaking
We sing this song at school!AriadnefromGreece!
Unbelievable how things we consider useless as they are abandant here under pine trees, you receive them as a gift, appreciate them and then reuse them to create crafts and great photos! That's the epitomy of why your blog has inspired me so much all these years!AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on a thumbelina christmas at resurrection fern
It means apple that is down (on the earth let's say). It is excellent for many problems but don't overdo it especially if you are low in iron in your blood. AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on chamomile tea at tiny happy
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Oh what lovely creativity this is going to be for the whole Advent. And to answer your question "No, in their teens they are not interested any more, at least my son isn't unfortunately!" AriadnefromGreece!
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on getting ready at Cozy Homemaking