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Indiana, Land of Corn and Nothingness.
Writer. Aspiring film maker. Minor anglophile. Geek. Ishly athletic. And I like stuff. Oh yes, lots of stuff. And I make coffee for a living. Sound good? Good
Interests: music, film, theatre, gaming, ancient history, england, hiking, biking, books, rollerblading, snowboarding, canada, paintballing, rock-climbing, teley, backyard soccer, professional napping, my wonderful dog jd, coffee and tea making. yes, all very random. and you've probably lost interest by now. if you haven't, kudos to you. but i am an interesting person, i promise you that.
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Sep 8, 2009
David, You know, it's hilarious that you put this up when you friend and I were just talking yesterday about different types of Geekdom and Nerdiness and how it's all totally ok these days! Way back when (probably long before my time) geeks and nerds were frowned upon in the world. However, these days, it seems to be more ah...accepted amoung others. Me, for example. No one would guess that I was a geek at first glance. I'm fresh out of high school and just started college and every time I meet someone new on campus we'll begin to talk...and this guy, for example, couldn't believe that I was a geek at heart! I asked him why he thought that and he told me that it was because I just didn't look like a geek and thought that I'd be into the typical shallow-teenage girly stuff. I laughed at him, of course. This is how I classify myself as a geek. There's many levels to my geek-ness. Instead of growing up on Blues Clues or little kiddie movies, my grandmother sat me down in front of the TV one day when I was oh...4 or so...and had me watch the Star Wars trilogy and the Indiana Jones trilogy. I was sold on that ever since. While my best friend was going around playing with Barbies..I was practicing my whip skills and trying to use the Force. My friends and I used to have a Jedi Club, where we would go to the neighborhood playground and practice our lightsaber skills for hours on end. Yes, I grew up at a young age as a die-hard sci-fi lover. My friend even bought me a lightsaber for a graduation gift! Not the cheapy Hasbro ones, but the real metal one, its wicked. And then I was introduced to Doctor Who...God bless BBC for creating that show...makes me wish we had BBC over here in the States so I could stay up to date with it! My car (a blue Sunfire) is named the TARDIS, which is perfect since I occasionally have to bang on the dashboard for my CD player to work (reminds me of David Tennant beating on the TARDIS console with a hammer!) (And by the way...John Pertwee, all the way!) And it’s hilarious 'cos none of my friends even know what a "TARDIS" is. They all tend to groan when I happily begin to ramble off how I named it after my favorite spaceship! Also, I'm a gamer geek. While I'm indeed up on the latest technology in games, I still keep my N64 and Super Nintendo polished up for some old-school gaming. And let me tell you something and any other young female who's reading this...telling a guy that you want to play him in a round of Halo or ask him to help level you up on WoW...he will instantly want to become your best friend. And the funny thing is..guys never would suspect that someone like me would want to spend an evening playing WoW! Yes, I wear my Zelda t-shirt proudly. And of course, there's the endless references that I tend to make in random conversation with my friends. That's how I pick out who the 'cool geeks' are at college. We'll be sitting and talking and if they can spot the Star Wars reference, Stargate quote, or Buffy joke, then I know RIGHT THEN AND THERE that we should be friends. :) Dear lord, I've been rambling. Sorry, David, you just got me going on this! I guess my point is that even though I don't look like a geek, doesn't mean that I'm not! (my friend said that when he first met me he thought I'd be a prep...bah! Hardly!) And I'm so glad to see that there are so many other geeks out there! Can you believe that my mother used to be ashamed of my "weirdness" she called it? But I stuck through it and told her one day "You know what, Mom? I'm totally proud of my nerdiness! You should be glad that I'm unique and not just one of the crowd of preppy, normal girls." Luckily, my friends tell me that they are glad to have a geek as a friend because I at least make their lives more interesting with all of my oddity! I love my geekiness. So to answer your original question…What kind of nerd am I and why? I’m a life-nerd and its because its just so fun! Thanks for putting this up and giving me the chance to let it shine! (Even if it did take up a lot of space on your blog...apologies there. Did I mention that I’m a slight computer geek too?) -Kelly
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