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Tony's post is spot on. I've been using Linkedin since 2007 and have harnessed the power of Linkedin groups for business benefit. The concept of social sellers is a sound one, especially as business moves it's understanding of social media beyond being a marketing channel to becoming a catalyst for smart business. The next phase is Social Business - beyond having a Linkedin company profile, facebook page, twitter handle and organisational blog. What you do - in a regular, disciplined and sustainable way - with this presence to develop deeper relationships with customers, prospects, influencers, suppliers is the key to unlocking the potential. Cheers, Iggy
Hi Anne I've also been thinking about recasting organisation charts. I thought I'd start with profiling people which is what it's supposed to be about rather than the structural boxes. Here's a first attempt at doing a 30 second video profile of the 11 people who report to me in my company at UXC Connect: Thoughts appreciated. Cheers, Iggy
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Ray, Great insight. It's becoming more and more about connections and those who understand its power can use it to societal and business benefit - or detriment. I wrote a book on this phenomenon called Connection Generation for those who are interested in learning more: Cheers, Iggy
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2009 on The power of connections at The Future Place Blog