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I just graduated from HBS this past June, so not quite real-time perspective but close. 1. Non-linear path. HBS cases are all "approved" by the company/person in question. 99% of the time, they show a very clean, linear path to entrepreneurship. Failures are rarely plumbed in any real depth. 2. Failures. About 75% of the cases I read are about successes. All the entrepreneurs I know well say that failure is intimately linked with success in their career trajectory. HBS kids are hardwired not to fail. We fear failure like a pox. I think this requires a fundamental shift in how we think about failures. Professors/EIRs can help facilitate this change. 3. Misc random advice. Use your summer internship to work at a startup where you can work very closely with the co-founder/entrepreneur. You're in a unique position where you understand the needs of your portfolio companies. Link them with your students. Sponsor field studies for groups of students to work with your startups. Encourage your entrepreneurs to post internships with the Rock Center. Personal note. Please encourage more women and minorities to pursue this path. As a member of both, I often found myself in a room full of white men, even at HBS. And thanks.
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