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William Meldrum
Interests: everything
Recent Activity
Having designed a range of swimsuits and resortwear for women of shape and style, former film and television costume designer Helen Hooper needed a mannequin that had the curves and energy her customers do. After looking at the stolid and lumpen plus-size mannequins commercially available, Helen decided to make her own. She's a fine arts graduate and had never worked three dimensions before, but decided that working with flat patterns for the garments had given her a new insight into shape and volume. She started out with a torso-size block of high density foam and carved the shape of Betty.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2010 at monument magazine
The increasingly genteel neighbourhood that overlooks Eveleigh and Chippendale between North Newtown and Redfern bears witness to criminal behaviour with that domestic cultural icon, the milk crate, more wreckless NSW government behaviour and the imminent arrival of the Seven GroupAt the Redfernish end of Wilson Street, between Eveleigh Markets and the Foundry on Eve Street, I spotted a fiendish stacking of crates that spells out STOLEN in a naive font. In a curiously empty and wire-fenced yard of the old government department type and against the wall of what may once have been a Housing Commission warren of mock terraces,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2009 at monument magazine