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Alfred, the video is halting and jamming. I've been studying doctrine versus behavior in the Judeo-Christian domain for fifty years now. No, Babylon was not about YHVH God; it was about the God Tammuz. And yes, the Babylonian Temple was about money and sex; but it was not part of the Judaic law EVER. Judaism is a matter of Law, and today as in the past, there are anti-Talmudic Jews and pro-Talmudic Jews. But when you say, the world's oldest profession, prostitution is part of YHVH's Law because it occurred since the Babylonian exile, such behavior (consisting of adultery) refutes the purpose of Law, which is to create good outcomes and thrive the people. By His definition of socialized behavior, YHVH does not teach "free will" anywhere in scripture, as a practice that results in good social outcomes. He teaches good behavior. The fact people do not live up to his Teachings is upon their souls, not upon God's lack of ethical teachings. Babylonian culture (according to its Annunaki patriarch Enki) was Hierarchy-based behavior, at odds with YHVH's (Enlil's) covenant-based behavior. There were no Jews in Babylon until Jacob's sons formed the tribes of Abrahamic observance of God-centered Law-centered devotion in Caanan, when Moses created an Israeli nation with the Law Covenant..that they consented to. By the time Jews were exiled in Babylon in 586BC They had already split into pro-Law and pro-integration (with Caananite practices) factions. Ethnic cleansing was and is (even today) a stipulation of ancient Orion-originated Emerald Covenant Treaty, and yes, Joshua turned from "thou shalt not kill" to exterminating whole Caananite communities immediately after the Law against Murder was given. In any case--by definition--Luciferianism derived from Enki's teaching of absolute Free Will, like Objectivism, is a form of Sumerian Hierarchy and the anarchy of Hierarchy--not that of Law. This very bright man does not understand the fact that Masonic orders and Churches and Corporations, Institutes, Academics ALL HAVE both Right Hand (Law-abiding) and Left Hand (Occult, Luciferian) PATHS. Under Hierarchy, there are always law-abiding and outlaw elements. Wherever there is hierarchy, there are secret conspiracies going on. This is WHY the UCC, Roman Law, Laws of the Admiralty, all of which support and pander to secrecy ... all treat human and animal life as commodities ... because secrets are law-full; whereas in Mosaic Law, and English and US Common Laws, secrecy and slavery are UNLAWFUL. Mixing up Judaism with the Caananite religion does not help sort out the effects and outcomes of hierarchy versus governance by consent and by Truth. Yes, they keep getting all mixed up; however, these two very different methods of governance--Law versus Hierarchy--are as much at odds to day as they have ever been in the past. YHVH stands for abiding in and consenting to the behaviors that create good outcomes in society ... never, for unbridled predatory or parasitic or deceptive behavior. YHVH is my mentor. I've spent 23 years devoted to understanding his point of view. "Free will" is NOT IT. Luciferianism is NOT IT. I hope this posting adds clarity to these issues. Yours sincerely, Emily
There is a direct contradiction in "Yahweh is Luciferic" This is in error. an oxymoron. Luciferian teaching says, free will is absolute. "Do what thou wilt." No holds barred freedom; anything goes. By contrast, Yahweh [via Enlil the Annunaki] based his entire relation with the Jewish nation on a Covenant--on Law-based behavior, becoming a self-regulating society. So, nobody can pin Luciferianism on Yahweh. Not correct. Emily Windsor-Cragg
Dear Alfred, Annett is working on half a brain. The Church and the Monarchy are the only agencies working on behalf of the people (minus, of course, the ones embedded in the other side) against the Corporate Fascist Not-See New World Odour. Take out the Churches and the Monarchies, and the NEW WORLD ODOUR has no competition, no resistance. If Annett doesn't see this--and he apparently doesn't--he's mad as a hatter, and I don't want any more of his stuff in my email box, okay? He's myopic, blinded, bent on some sort of revenge, but he's not working for humanity, not one bit. If he were, he'd be working on the side empowering Common Law AGAINST the UCC, the Admiralty Courts, whose mercenary commerce statutes enables child- and adult-slavery, privatized prisons, sex- and drug-markets, and exonerate ALL RELIGIONS including Satanism--the guys who need babies to kill and eat twice a year on a regular schedule. Worldwide republicanism will perpetuate corporate dominance of society by bribery, nepotism, elitism and racism. It is to be deplored because the Corporate State is by definition in complete harmony with the pro-slavery, pro-genocide Charter, the Emerald Covenant, wrought out of the blood of Lyra so long ago, that keeps this planet in total slave-status. Emily Windsor-Cragg
As I understand system politics, our Moon was built at Orion and towed here by the Annunakis, and they have absolute control over it at this time. ... Saturn, however, is administered by very severe Alpha Draconis--no-nonsense Reptoids who despise Annunaki frivolity. I really DOUBT they are cooperating on any project because Alpha Dracs rely on telepathy rather than spoken language and Annunaki talk too much.
Gosh. Sorry to hear this. I've been keeping up with Story's reports, hoping he'd WIN. I'll place him in my Gallery of "Truthers" on many of whom were martyred. Thanks Ben.
The secret that is being carried around but not publicized anywhere is that we're fighting a war on Mars against the Alpha Draconis at the behest of the very-predatory and very-parasitic [I believe, DE-evolved, INSANE] Orion Annunaki. The Orion Annunaki are holed up on our Moon, and that is why Obama has abandoned plans to go there. Our Space program has been sucked into space wars by the tricky Annunaki, who want this whole planet for themselves. They, after all, built the Pyramids. Unfortunately for us, their civil system of Law is Race Caste-driven, Racist, Sexist, Ideological and out of civil bounds.
When I examined and restored LRO photos of the supposed Lander sites, what I found was evidence of human beings, not evidence of hardware. I'm preparing a report for June 2010 on this topic.
What is true is that parallel Fascist factions are taking each other on. It couldn't happen to nicer people, that they self-destruct each other. Please! Have at it! Go gettem! You Not-Sees just all take yourselves out. And take the CIA, Blackwater, Halleburton, and DineCorpse with you! We're tired of their lies and pseudo-legal violence!
Dr. Greer, may I send you a copy of my newly published book, "Mars In [NASA] Pictures," which show HUMAN development on Mars. I find human forms on most planets in this solar system. "Aliens" are not our neighbors; they are humans like us, White, Black and Asian. Disclosure has to begin with the knowledge that our whole solar system is already settled, peopled and inhabited by people [whose DNA is worked from different elements] but just like us.
Harmless as these "signs from Heaven" are, without damage or noise, perhaps they're more ET than human.
Mr. Webre, if National Geographic accepts my Mars photos, Disclosure will occur de facto, if not de jure.
Somebody has to run the Firm, Ben, who's not going to give everything [including common law and civil society] away to the Third World. Does anybody in England still CARE? I'm wondering. EEWC This investigative journalist was also a friend of Sherman Skolnick, the famous trust breaking lawyer from Chicago. I don't know how right Mr. Story is, but he has a passion for finding out what is true. Emily
QUOTE--Their Bilderberger Nazi bosses like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix, Nazi pope Ratzinger and their ilk will soon be no longer in a position to give orders to the DPJ.--UNQUOTE. How will these be taken down off their pinacles? We're all awaiting word because we the people who have the skills and do the work are left out of everything.