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hi these look great and i cannot wait to make them! a note about 'pricey' almond meal flour...the best price i have found is at trader joe's..they sell it in one pound bags for about 3.99...i used to get it online from a vendor who is no longer in business and with shipping it came to about that same price-but this is the best price i have seen...does anyone else get it somewhere cheaper? i think i have made coconut flour scones but with coconut flour you need alot more eggs -which is fine if you are egg tolerant and not worried about how many you eat..i also have used rebecca reilly's GF flour mix ( brown rice mix in her book GF baking) successfully in every recipe i have ever tried that normally has regular wheat flour in it- with adding xanthan or guar gum ... i like to use the almond flour as much as possible tho because of the low starch and higher protein content.. looking forward to trying these soon! thank you!
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