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Ryan, Irene Lowell is the NDP candidate in your riding. Jagmeet Singh recently held a cycling event in Bramalea-Gore-Malton
Hmmmm... perhaps it's not such a "nutty" idea afterall Nova Scotia already has 'one-metre rule' for cyclists By Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun TORONTO - A proposed law in Ontario that would force drivers to keep one metre away from cyclists already exists in Nova Scotia and 20 U.S. states. Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Thursday that if she becomes premier after the Oct. 6 election, she would change the Highway Traffic Act so that car and truck drivers who don’t give a metre when passing a cyclist would be fined. Variations of the “three-foot rule” are under consideration in many municipalities and provinces. Cyclists in Nova Scotia must ride single-file in the same direction as traffic. Drivers are allowed to cross over into opposing lanes if there is no oncoming traffic to give cyclists room. As well, cars are banned from parking in bike lanes. The Canadian Cycling Magazine says the new Nova Scotia law is working very well and helps educate motorists.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2011 on NDP shows its bike-friendly side at Take the Lane