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My husband and I drove to Minnesota (9 1/2 hours) to visit a friend. We spent the weekend boating, going to a fish fry, eating pizza at a neighbors resort. On the evening of the 3rd, the little town we were staying in put on the most spectacular fireworks show. The motel we stayed at had it's own pier, and an older couple we had met joined us on the pier to watch. I was so glad I had put aside the expense of boarding the dogs, gas for the pickup and the cost of the motel. The memories of the weekend were priceless!
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Acid free newsprint...I can hardly control myself. Who needs a green thumb when we can make paper flowers that won't yellow and die. Fabulous concept Donna. Love it!
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Oh so lovely! Reminds me of how I so enjoyed rummaging through my grandmother's memento box with old letters, newspaper clippings...some happy, some sad. Beautiful memories.
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That is the motherload of goodies you were sent. Can't wait to see your creations.
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