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Mar 5, 2012
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Mar 5, 2012
It's scary to see how we are falling right into islam's trap. They start small and their demands get bigger.Because we have religious rights they will use our rights against us to get what they want. Islam is a political movement who wants to take over the world. Look at the rest of the world to see how islam has taken over. Even the people who say they are fighting to westernize islam admits that they think the world would be much better off if everyone was a muslim. Do you think that the so called peaceful muslims will do anything to stop "the brotherhood" that wants the rest of us converted or dead? No, they agree with them no matter what they tell you. Look at who made their so called religion. He was a monster of a man. Evil itself from the pit of hell founded islam. Let no man fool you.They have used our Holy bible for their own evil plan. Their god is not our God and their Heaven is not the Heaven we seek. Their heaven sounds like hell to me. One big ongoing orgee. What about their women? What kind of afterlife do they get? NONE May God have mercy on us.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2009 on Burka Clad Cambridge Grads at Atlas Shrugs