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Thanks for sharing this John. Just what I needed to read today.
Exciting thought exercise Paul! And an honor. I suggest thinking beyond the trajectory of marketing communications, and consider the future of technology, biology, society, governments, globalization, commerce and the natural environment. Advertising and marketing will most likely follow, not lead, these changes. More than likely the changes in the next 60 years will be as significant as the changes from the ages of Kings and Queens and serfs to this early postmodern age. We could have internet-facilitated direct democracy in 2068. All products and services could be designed and ordered online. Social status could be gained through giving not consuming. Advertising as we know it could be obsolete. You may want to investigate the work of Ray Kurzweil. He is a futurist who uses technology growth trends to plot future scenarios. He projects that photovoltaic cells will provide electricity that is cheaper than coal by 2020, and he projects computers that have human-like intelligence by 2030. These are mind boggling possibilities. Good luck on your presentation!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2009 on The Next 60 Years In Advertising at Paul Isakson
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