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First and foremost everyone at Spoonflower is doing an INCREDIBLE job!! I love looking at your blog, all the fabric that comes through - and it's so much fun to vote!! I did have thought though...this week's voting in particular. There were multiple pages and we get to choose one per page. Well there was a page that I didn't find any and another page where I found two - which means that other person didn't get a vote because I could only vote once on that page. I'm not complaining at all, really. But is there anyway to just give us 3 votes (or however many pages there are) and not restrict them to a "per page"? Anyway, just throwing this out there. Thanks again for starting such a great place!!
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Oh my gosh! I think this has been the hardest week to choose from! There were so many wonderful fabrics - I wanted more than two votes!!
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