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Sarah Lightner
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Good thoughts, as always. Blogging is wonderful and tough, too. I remember when I started blogging a few years ago I felt the community was established and closed, but with time I've found my own little community. Some times I delete a whole slew off my reader and then slowly add some back. My faves stay- even if they don't feel like my community I enjoy reading about families, crafts, etc. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck in your senior year! (BTW, makes me think of Felicity's senior year- you never know where you'll end up!) Cheers.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2010 on opening up at MommyCoddle
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Ha! I hope he's not gone so we can hear more of the adventure. Also, I'm glad you use sound machines. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that my son can't fall asleep without "crickets" and Julia needs "a river." :)
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