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OK, come on already - show us the picture in question ;)
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Editioning Moral Dilemma at The Online Photographer
Just commenting on your first paragraph: I will never understand the US way of having basically anyone decide the outcome of a case. Doesn't that make sure any verdict is a function of the (random) average intelligence/sympathies of the jurors, confused by the acting capabilities of the lawyers? Can anyone explain the idea behind this? (in germany the judge will decide on the verdict, no jury involved)
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on Guilt trips and justice at deal architect
OK, I bought it. Can you now please start with the audio version...? Pleeeeaaaseeee.....?
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You DO want to make an audiobook, believe me. Not even will I buy it immediately,I will also promote the heck out of it! So, what's your excuse now? You do want to send your kids to college, don't you? ;)
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I really REALLY hope you'll make that an audiobook, too - hearing the stories in your voice is worth twice the price of the book! (Not that I'm saying you need to make it more expensive ;) )
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