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Where can I buy the Raw Bling!!!?!?!?!?
Have no pix available as I'm at work where Facebook is blocked, but 90's had quite a number of experiments. I'll go by year. 1990: Bleached pixie cut began! Ingredients (all from SALLY'S): plastic mixing bowl, plastic spoon and brush,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2010 at MamaPop Sparkle Motion
What about those of us who are from Memphis, moved to Portland to live/escape Memphis for 7 years and returned to Memphis for plenty of reasons? Everyone will have their own justifications for why one place is better than another. I happen to agree that I do not find Portland to be my end-all be-all for any reason and would much rather live in Memphis. There are even plenty of other places I'd rather spend time VISITING than Portland! I find a couple of items on your list a bit week, particularly #8 given I worked at Outside/In for the first 2 years I lived there and well, that is a disgusting stereotype you paint. I'd say the minority of those homeless kids were there by choice and it wasn't some luxurious existence for them as some loved to believe. If you think that being addicted to both IV meth and black tar heroin isn't "real", well, I don't know what to say. However, I strongly agree with your stances on Cost of Living, Music, Diversity and OHMYGAWD, Weather. Memphis rules over Portland so hard in these categories it is ridiculous. Anyone who can slam Memphis for a "lack of true diversity" can get off at the next curb, s'il tu plais. Try Portland and then come back to Memphis. It annoys me to no end when people in Memphis think "Diversity=a selection of Ethiopian restaurants". Sure, if you think several Thai restaurants=Diversity, awesome, Portland may be for you. But if you think you will get in more than deep, or heck, even SURFACE, 10 conversations, that don't include ordering food, with a person of another race or ethnicity than "White, Liberal, Likely from the West Coast", you got another think comin'! Memphis is awesome. More people just need to deal with it, own it, make it what you want and quit bitching. There are problems EVERYWHERE. No place is perfect. It took me 20+ years of running around and away from Memphis to finally discover that.