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Dear David Miller, Sometimes people get bad reputations for whatever reasons. With all that drama aside, my question to you is WHY? Why should I or any other artist pay $1000 dollars to post 50 of our art pieces on your site when we can post UNLIMITED amounts of art on Now, yes I understand paying for the New York Expo and what not fine whatever but to make people pay out the ass for their art to be on a site that no one barely even sees or knows of is ridiculous! I am saying this because I have NEVER heard of your site until just a few weeks ago and I LIVE in hot springs! DeviantART has MILLIONS of views every single month. DeviantART is also one of the most viewed websites, it sits right next to twitter in rank. I have had more luck with getting my art out in the public for FREE with DeviantART then any other resource out there. I pay only 7 dollars for a 3 month sub and that's just so I can customize my page more. So, what's the point of paying that outragious prices when you can get so much more for completely free and be apart of a strong and growing art community which will get you commissions, watchers, fans, and buyers... I just don't understand and I wanted to know if you could explain. Thank You BloodAppleKiss
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