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A lot of questions have been raised about COVID–19 over the past year, and rightly so. Are the restrictions necessary? Should businesses be shut down? Is this just the flu? All of the questions are appropriate. It's the varying answers that cause uncertainty and concern. My younger sister was terribly ill two weeks ago and was diagnosed with COVID–19. Fortunately, the doctors acted quickly. She was given an infusion of plasma and has recovered. Unfortunately, her invalid husband subsequently contracted the virus. He was hospitalized, doing well and was scheduled to come home this week. Sadly, his condition suddenly worsened and he passed away last evening. My sister and her family are devastated. Please take precautions to protect yourselves and your families especially if you are over 60 or have an illness or condition that compromises your immune system.
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I am so sorry to learn about Dr. J's passing. What a wonderful man! He could take complex science and break it down for a novice like me to understand. I so enjoyed his descriptions of their garden and the joy it brought to him and Mrs. J. He shared the celebration of his wedding to Mrs. Dr. J with us in his inimitable way — low key and joyful. I believe Dr. J had a magical life in his beloved corner of California. I will miss him, his measured view of life's challenges, his timely suggestions for classical music, his sense of humor, his joy. He enriched the lives of so many. My sincere condolences to Mrs. J and their family. We will miss him.
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Hold Fast.
There are historical comparisons to what we see happening in Washington D.C. today. None of them are precisely the same, but all do not end well
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"Say to those who have fear in their hearts: Be strong, do not be afraid." Isaiah 35:4
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Judge orders release of Antrim County Report & Data
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Lin Wood @LLinWood · 1h Epoch Times is a truth-giver. Quote Tweet Joshua Philipp @JoshJPhilipp · 2h We’ve just released our exclusive documentary investigating election fraud. Please watch it and share it:
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J.B. White @RattlerGator · 1m Hugely important thread by @IvanPentchoukov : 🚨BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems forensic report: "We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud ...…
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BREAKING: Nevada GOP electors cast ballot for Donald J Trump declaring him winner of 6 Electoral votes in NV. RSBN
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2020 on Are You Ready For Some Football?!? at JustOneMinute
If you were in Trump’s shoes, how would you spend the next 5 weeks? What President Trump will be doing for the next 5 weeks under the current circumstances was most likely planned out four years ago — at the very least two years ago.
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Narciso, I'm so sorry we let you down.
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In poker parlance, the D.C. crowd is bluffing that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, and it's daring the American people to call it out. Stephanie at 12:10 pm THIS!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2020 on They Like It! at JustOneMinute
It appears that Redstate agrees with RattlerGator's tweet that I posted here yesterday.
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yes when I'm angry, I indent more, Narciso, When I'm angry, I write too much.😬 I think your style is better.
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That Conrad Black article is the worst piece of 'journalism' that I've read in a very long time. One of the most astounding thefts has occurred in our nation's history and at the point of catching the villains and returning the property to its rightful owner, Mr. Black becomes faint hearted because the process is too difficult. After all, the person who had the landslide election stolen from him has at times exhibited 'boorish' behavior though it must be admitted he created an economy not seen in decades, was victorious in battle, stopped senseless wars, brought peace and hope to a fractured Middle East, was nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes and delivered a vaccine to hopefully halt a devastating disease. None of that, not the landslide victory, the accomplishments, the overwhelming approval of the people or the righteous demand that the nation not allow a corrupt, incompetent tag team to take office and reverse everything that this man has done and turn the country over to its mortal enemy seems to matter to Mr. Black. Thank God that the decision does not rest with him.
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jim nj, Keep praying. God always answers, but not necessarily in our time frame or in the way we want or expect. Just remember that He loves you.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2020 on They Like It! at JustOneMinute
PD, I am so sorry to read about your neighbor's death due to this horrid virus. I love the way you recounted your interactions with him. It's those small things that are the basic elements of life in a world grown distant. Thank you for telling us about him.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2020 on They Like It! at JustOneMinute
RattlerGator references two documents in his Twitter comments. The first is a descent by Justice Thomas joined by Justice Alito on the denial of a motion for leave to file a complaint in the case of Nebraska v. Colorado (, and an address (lecture) by Attorney General William Barr at the Federalist Society's 2019 National Lawyers Convention, November 15, 2019 ( Both are interesting: the first on Justice Thomas and Alito's views on the jurisdiction of the court, and the second on the powers of and need for a strong Executive Branch. RG references these in his determination on why the Court may rule in favor of Texas et al.
Jane, Whatever happened to St. Jane's island? It's beginning to look like a very appealing option at this point.🏝🏖
Japan's real estate bubble burst in 1989, and the Bank of Japan introduced ultra low interest rates in 1995, and have been stuck there ever since. Melinda, That fits with what I know.
henry and Melinda, I was only referring to my "knowledge" of it in the 1990s when the Japanese were financing and rebuilding the skyline of Los Angeles.
RattlerGator (J. B. White) has an interesting thread on Twitter. It's a long thread (see linked to wrapped thread below. Here are a couple of excerpts: 32 of 53 Through Providence, the only child of the Deep South on the USSC, a Black American outrageously wronged by a profoundly unserious United States Senator from Delaware in his confirmation hearings, sits at the center of a truly historic moment for America. Ponder that! 52 of 53 Further, the Supreme Court appears to have no choice but to rule in favor of Texas and those states that have joined its lawsuit.
Somebody ought to pull the FBI's teeth!
I can't help but recall the early 1990's when the Japanese were flush with cash and were buying up real estate all over the country. Hotels, resorts, golf courses, the Rockettes, politicians — nothing escaped their buying spree. It didn’t last in the long run. Of course, the Japanese weren't necessarily trying to take over the country and import state capitalism like the CCP. They just wanted to own it, haul in the profits and get a little pay back for the loss of face they experienced on the Battleship Missouri.
…both coasts vs everybody between them except for a few big cities, which can be seen as enemy outposts. Or the twenty or so states which joined the Texas suit vs the twenty states that have joined the opposition to Texas. Hell of a mess. OL, Isn’t it though! What I was referring to was a block of contiguous states opposing another block of contiguous states. To be sure, even in the civil war there were those who sympathized with the opposition. Most joined up geographically with their chosen side. This situation is so much more complex. We already know what the left will do, so we can anticipate that the President will not leave it up to the states to deal with the problem as he did before. States like California will be a mess, however the results of the election hint that this may not be a problem. The people of California hate Newsom, his lockdowns and the legislature from hell, so I believe it is safe to say that they will not oppose anything that is done to restore order and the rule of law. Time will tell, of course.