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Very good points. I actually gave up on reading an ebook recently because it was so packed with typos, font changes and formatting errors (at one point, several pages actually reappeared later in the book). This wasn't a self-published book, though. This was a book originally published over 30 years ago that's seen several print editions from various publishers and has recently found new life as an ebook from a newer e-pub company. The publishing company's failure to do even the simplest edits has probably turned me off to other (e)books by this author, as well as other titles in their catalog. I have a query that kind of goes along with this. There weren't any reviews for this ebook on Amazon, but do you think it's fair to mention these errors in a review? I think I would rate the book based on the written content, but mention the copy-editing issues in the review. I know a lot of people call reviewers to task for mentioning anything other than the content of the book, but in this case I think it warrants a mention.
The Plague Water sounds suspiciously like Starbucks Chai Tea Latte.
I am planning to do NaNoWriMo, but honestly I am better at planning than doing. I have been outlining a project this week.
I just added the Ellory book to my list as well. It sounds good. I have read the first two "Sookie Stackhouse" books and look forward to reading the others. Charlaine Harris has another good series about a young woman who - after being struck by lightning - is able to stand on someone's grave and see how they died. She wrote a couple of traditional series before the two supernatural ones.
This sounds like a good idea. I think I am going to try it too. As far as writing a second book while you're editing your first, I think that's a good idea also. Like you mentioned, it will allow you to take a break from the job of re-writing for awhile and develop your series further. I think having a second book in the works will make selling a series a little easier... it shows you're committed to making it more than a stand alone. "Of the first seven novels I wrote, numbers four and five were published. Numbers one, two, three, six, and seven, have never seen the light of day...and rightly so. The eighth novel I wrote was 'A' IS FOR ALIBI." - Sue Grafton