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I am a daily bicycle commuter in DC. I saw the original ghost bike memorial on Conn. Ave. north of Dupont Circle many, many times. The first time it was genuinely moving. Slowly, as the months rolled on, I began to wonder why on earth this white bicycle was still there. The response of this guy Legba Carrefour to the very proper decision taken by the police to remove the bike is simply absurd. That this man would dare to compare this with grave-robbing is beyond belief. Get over it, dude. Your personal memories and memorials do not overrule public order. Nobody could be more in favor than I am of heightened awareness of the presence of bicycles on the part of car and truck drivers. Nobody could be more in favor of increasing the bike-friendliness of this town through many concrete measures. But this is just a joke. Bicyclists waste political capital with nonsense causes like this. He really makes me angry, this jerk Carrefour. He most certainly does not represent the bicyclists as a group. Make sure to let people know that, if you are a cyclist.