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Vantage -- > Vonage --> Boy, this will be fun...
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2010 on The Return of CallVantage??? at VoIPWatch
Well Virgin Mobile USA *is* Sprint, so it makes sense it would sync its data prices with the Mothership.
Funny, I just wrote about this about over at TMC. (less today's crash) RIM has a history of service interruptions going back to its first big meltdown back in April 2007... the company swore that it would never happen again... funny how that's worked out. Unfortunately, for a lot of people the BlackBerry is mission-critical infrastructure that has shown social media uptime.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on RIM Has A Problem at VoIPWatch
Andy, the "new" AT&T has historically and always been cheap with investing in infrastructure -- despite the cheesy commercials to pave over their mistakes. They were cheap with fiber deployments, they're cheap with LTE, and AT&T is going to be ultimately punished by Wall Street as Verizon Wireless starts taking away customers over the next three years. Of course, this means Verizon becomes the One Big Phone company down the road, but one problem at a time...
I talked with Comcast today; this is beyond a "limited" release. Comcast has just relatively quiet (don't want to scare Verizon or AT&T into anything rash, eh? :) 1) Comcast "slow rolled" HomePoint in Florida and started advertising the service today (Monday, October 12) in Denver. The service has also been quietly rolled out in other markets, so Comcast customers will likely hear more shortly. 2) HomePoint uses Casabi and SIP to deliver the bells and whistles of news-on-your-phone, email, and other stuff; SMS to the handset is on the to-do rollout...Casabi uses a light-client/heavy server model, so you get a mini-web client on the phone.. 3) The handset supports DECT 6.0, but no word yet if it supports CAT-iq and/or G.722 -- the precursors for HD Voice; I'm waiting for Comcast to get back to me. 4) AT&T has experimented with Casabi-based services (i.e. light client SIP to the phone to deliver data) before, but it's AT&T and ... well, I'm not going there at the moment... - Doug Mohney (
EVDO works better than GSM-esque tech in moving vehicles (see: How you get in-flight Wi-Fi via GoGo :) Be interesting to see how LTE handles at-speed data...
Rumor is AT&T is working with HD voice in San Antonio; just doing Yet Another VoIP service won't win back customers currently in the calbe space.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2009 on Mask and Gun or Just Very Smart? at VoIPWatch