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Totally true! Just brought the thing tonight and the movie selection is VERY limited. It took us less than 1 min to hook up and about 2 min to set up the wireless. It's really nice and small. THE MOVIE SELECTION WE WANTED TO SEE WERE: 1. CHRONICLES OF NARNIA 2. AN EMPRESS AND THE WARRIORS 3. CORALINE 4. FAR NORTH 5. W. NONE OF IT WAS IN THE SELECTION. We are thinking maybe its so new that they haven't load everything yet. Let's hope that is the case. Because once you open the box - its yours. Unless you talk to the manager and maybe he/she will return it. We are still hopeful that it will get better in a month or two. We do love the idea of it though and thought it was an awesome idea. We have time warner cable and can order pay per view but the lady in the store sold us on the Great selection we'll have. lol. Let's hope it's going to get better with selection. After all, its Blockbuster - the wonderful million movie store. Please make that happen (if you are an executive from BlockBuster Movie-on-Demand) Cheers.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2009 on Blockbuster OnDemand Review at SharkJumping