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I don't watch this show, but sloppy SORASing really pisses me off. Like REALLY. It's like the writers are too impatient to let the kids grow up and/or too incapable of introducing (in an integrated way) new characters to fill in the age gap that they have created. Bores me silly. On GH, I think they did a fairly good job of SORASing Sonny-related kids, but it's so weird when you have Liz's kids still little, and the Sonny-related kids like almost grown-up + ALL the Sonny-related kids are ... you guessed it! RELATED! So you still need new characters unless they are going to go into incest or near-incest, which frankly, wouldn't surprise me. Great post! PS I personally think there is a way to even avoid most SORASing, but it seems to be too much work.
These were my exact same thoughts when Sonny said "You did good." I mean, IN WHAT FUCKING LANGUAGE does good equal killing someone?!!!!!!!!!! I am SO beyond pissed. On a side note, I love Dante & Lulu too :)
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on Grammatical AND Moral Failure at Serial Drama
OMG, yayyyy!! I feel that as a reader it is a validation for me, lol. Congrats!!!!
I actually feel conflicted about the episode. As usual, I am utterly disgusted by Sonny's dialogue, the way he treated Claudia, the topic of conversation, etc, yet I found it more interesting than the past month of episodes. I think that Benard and Brown WERE awesome--but the actual dialogue was disgusting. I thought Kristina seeing Sonny as a monster was a great scene with years of storytelling in there (if Guza wasn't writing this show). But then Alexis helping Sonny today ... ughhh. I go back and forth with this show. It's so poorly written, but then they throw in crumbs that I continue watching (and to be able to enjoy your blog even more) and waiting for.
"I love Laura Wright. She had the best reaction to the truth about Claudia in all of Friday's episode. I think she and her shiny hair are amazing." ---> word. I flove your comments.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on The Mathematics of GH at Serial Drama
"I have a complex conspiracy theory that involves most of the GH writing staff having an allergy to hotness. See also: Backburnering of Patrick, The" ROFL!! Total agreement! I am not particularly against JJ, but I agree with what most others have said that he still looks like a kid + his voice is very very young-sounding. And Liz really is a woman. I am not feeling LL2 at ALL. I still think JJ got some great lines, and that was good, but it just demeaned GV even more because he never even got a storyline ever ... I'm just not happy with this switcheroo on so many levels. And OMG, Sonny's reaction ... TOO FUNNEY!!! Thank you for including the wonderful screencaps as usual :) PS Can we soon get a post about how oblivious Alexis is to the Kristina situation and what crap NLG is given to act out on a regular regular basis? Pretty please?
I am in complete agreement that JJ cannot pass for 45 to save his life! I am not thrilled with this recast at all. I hate the way they treated GV and I hope GV gets picked up by some awesome primetime show and shows them! Great recapping, btw, and PERHAPS the JJ thing could work out for me if they bring Genie back. Last, but not least: The beard must go!! WTF?!! PS Nikolas is spelled with a "k."
yes, there are fewer things that GH has butchered as much as geography. Is it so hard to like GOOGLE a MAP!!! And city of lights ... LIGHTS???!!! OMFG!!! I guess the only worst thing they could've written would be city of angels .. bwahahahaha
FLOVED your Olivia/Kate recap. And you are SO right ... Kate & Coleman are super funny together! Thanks for another great column + awesome screencapping.
oh, god, this show is becoming more ridiculous with the minute. thanks for the screencaps and your wonderfully snarky recapping.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on Bonding With The In-Laws at Serial Drama
i laughed so hard when you recapped Claudia's bad choices! This blog remains a must-read.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on Poor Choices in Port Charles at Serial Drama
i want karaoke back!! thanks for your posts
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2009 on Family Ties and "Family" Ties at Serial Drama
awesome post!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2009 on The Town Where Happiness Goes To Die at Serial Drama
"First of all, who doesn't love thinkgs that are bold AND beautiful?" --> LOVE that And perhaps could we get a small B&B review once Sarah Brown gets there in early November, to showcase how much better she and Rick Hearst are doing now that they are out of GH? :)))
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this awesomely wonderful post. It was like reliving the episodes all over again, and so so tres adorable and awesome! Totally agree that Lante have potential .. yay! Maxis are <3 <3 <3 The Davis girls together <3 utterly perfect post, esp the added clips ... Molly & Morgan are tres cute and I just put that clip on my desktop to watch it anytime i get depressed :) Thanks for taking the time to dig up all the great screencaps. This is a column you should (i will) save for posterity. thank you :)
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2009 on Talk About Your Manic Mondays at Serial Drama
"And thanks also for providing a nice safe place to come and be an unashamed soap fan, where there are actually intelligent people who love the genre but are fully willing to hold it to a legitimate standard." ----> totally agree with this!! :hail: :hail:
Not to mention the whole Molly-calling-out-Sonny-as-a-criminal-but-how-he-was-a-better-source-than-Alexis-because-he-beat-the-system thing. I thought that would DEFINITELY be worth its own entry.
happy happy anniversary! and many more to come! Keep rockin'! PS You forgot to mention how you had the epiphany that for almost three years Greg Vaughan's name was spelled wrong here :p PPS I've really missed all the GH episode-related posts recently ... any chance we could get a last-two-weeks in review ... because the non-wedding party at Jake's was perfect, and I NEED commentary to the Kate/Coleman almost hook-up, Molly & Morgan's awesome karaoke song, the Kristina/Sonny "confrontation" ... I like to hear the good as much as the bad (with your perfect choice of screencaps).