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Dear Monsieur/Madame Hello all, notice the French, our neighbours across the sea, they have three runways at Charles De Gaul Airport, and yet Paris is smaller than London, passenger numbers is less, why is that? Boris Johnson of whom I am a fan is against the third runway and is in favour of us waiting 18years for a TGV route to be built to the north. These cheap flights are needed because of the demand. People in the north and Scotland want to be connected to the south. I know there are unhappy people living near these runways and flight paths, and they are voters but Britain must come first. The BAA have begged for 15years for permission to build this runway, they have the land, the finance and the permissions, why do they want to built it? because there is international demand as well as a national one. Projected increases are there, expansion is needed at all airports because of demand. A basic economic rule of supply and demand. Failure to follow this rule will damage London and in consequence our whole island. What about Health and Saftey at Heathrow, at present Heathrow is like our rail network, overstretched and over crowded. An Under archiving airport is as insulting as have only one acceptable rail route, Folkstone to St Pancras our only TGV route. And Why? because the French insisted upon it. How shamefull that a British government has had to rely on the French to set us an example. They have had TGV for 30years we plan to have it in 18years time. I say leave BAA alone give them there requests, don't sell bits off and plan a proper rail initiative that can be accomplished within the governments term. Yes start the TGV program but not in 2015, now!!!!!! All projects that can finance themselves them now. I have applied to be a Conservative PPC and am waiting to be invited, I think only a conservative government can deliver what the British people need. Complacency though is a traditional political trait here in our country so we need new blood new ideas and new enthusiasm, we need PEOPLE's MP's. MP that put there county first as does our Sovereign. au revoir Mr Garryck Noble
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Dear Sir/Madam Why are so many contributions made by individuals who remain anonymous I don't understand it. If you believe in something passionately and post a comment why not own it with pride. Garryck Noble
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