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Lets me honest who could actually eat??? not to mention when Im upset I can not eat...but it would have to be enchiladas verdes, a yummy traditional Mexican meal
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Something that I thought computers would not be able to do is...well nothing, our technology is at its best and at its worse. The possibilites are endless, good ones and bad ones. The real question is how far can people take them??? that's scary, we have all seen those movies where computers and robots take over everything and maybe to some it might seem outrageous but its not. Computers are built to correct human error or try to achieve perfection, or at least get as close as we can to it. So who doesn't gurantee that one day these machines will try to correct human error on their own behalf and us loose all control??? On a lighter note I would like to be able to smell food while looking at recipees! :)
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Wow wow! what died & crawled up Kanyes ass! hmm maybe his need to sell himself or his lips on Jay Z ass werent enough so he had to take it that extra mile to make sure people knew he was all "down" for his possie...but I ask myself why didn't he do this to Eminem or any other rapper, maybe an adult??? oh yeah cus he would of received an ass whopping! so in order for that no to happen he picked on T.S, a teenage girl!Yeah Kanye u fuckn rock! u made a sweet girl feel bad, u are such a man now! what a way to sell yourself! But here is the funny part you didn't make anyone look bad but yourself...yes Kanye you came on top...but on top being d' LITTLE BITCH...! go cry to someone that gives a flying fuck about ur sorrows ass! & 2day when u go on Jay Leno try not to embarrass ur record label, urself & ur fam, they must be so flippn proud!F..ckn JACK ASS take that through the wire!
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I would have to say that my dream job would have to be choreography, since I was a little girl that was it for me but of course life takes us different directions. If I could still go for it I would definately do it!
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Why are we making this into a racial issue! what does his color or hers have anything to do with his "manners"? we are seating here criticizing his maturity yet again there are some of you going down to his level. You know I hear many people saying that African Americans use the racist ticket to excuse things but what about the other races? they are the first ones to say "well if she would have been black and him white Randy Jackson would have done something about it" What is up with that? Grow up! Use your brain to post this blogs, do not come on here trying to make it in to a bigger issue. Yes it was wrong and yes I posted a strong blog too, but for all I know Kanye could have been purple and Taylor pink and it still would have been wrong, its the principle of the act not of the race.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on Kanye Outburst at The News Blog with Eric Spillman