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Great post. Thanks for starting the conversation. I work in VC and when I joined my firm (BVP) I was the only woman in the firm. I'm proud to say that BVP now has two other women working on the investment side of the house, but it still never ceases to surprise me how few women there are in VC. First, let me reject out of hand the thought that any natural disposition of men vs. women to risk taking might be part of the reason why there are less women in VC. That's just silly. If that argument was being made about the lack of female entrepreneurs, there *might* be something there, but you don't need to be risk loving to join VC. It's a pretty cushy job and you are making rational investment choices (much like working at a hedge fund or a PM shop). I think the main reason is what you outlined -- the clubby nature of VC. It reminds me most of the struggle to get more women in tenure. The problem is, when you imagine who would be good at a job, you're really imagining who you know and would like to work with. When you're starting with a homogeneous group, it's more likely that the next generation of that group will be homogeneous, but hopefully not as homogeneous as the first group. Then the third generation is also homogeneous but once again slightly less homogeneous, etc.. It's a slowwwwww evolution but I hope we're getting there. st
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