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What a beautiful ending to this KOTOTW journey. Bless you Mary. It has been a joy to follow you since you started. Here's to future journeys just as wonderful. Looks like a new world has opened up to you. Love to you and your family.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. I find the best way to get through this difficult time is to totally lean on God, and let him take care of you (and your Mother too). Blessings to you as you move forward in your new phase with your Mother living with you and Nathan.
I tried to add a post to your last blog, but I signed on after I a typed it, and it deleted it and I didn't feel like redoing it. I just wanted to tell you that I hope when you are finished with KOTOTW, that it wont be the end of your blog and we will still hear from you. But I can see from this fascinating blog about your adventures with Nicky and New York, that you will continue to let us follow your "knitting life." And it seems this had led to a new adventure for you in helping Nicky with her books. Congratulations on finishing (almost) way before your original time frame. Look forward to hearing more. Can you just show us the swatch from the pieces you worked on for her book?
Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Love the Lace shawl. That is so cool how your sister showed you how to download your library on Ravelry. How do you do that? I need to do that to my Ravelry library. Anyway, may you have 50 more blessed years.
Mary, I think "Knitting on Top of the World" is an appropriate title for any and all knitting blog projects, and you should certainly keep it. Can't believe you are almost finished in half the time you originally planned. Thank you, also, for the recipe.
Beautiful work on the Shrug and Scarf. I don't know how you have time to do all you do. Truly inspirational.
I got my Vogue magazine yesterday, read the article about you. Congratulations!! And also for making it half-way through your journey. I began knitting when I was 17. Oh my, that means next year it will be 40 years! How did that happen??? I taught my self to knit from books. Please enter me in both drawings. Have fun with Nicky, can't wait to see the photos. Patty McD
I love this cardigan. It incorporates everything I look for in a knitted garment. Lace, Femininity, sparkle yarn, fitted nicely. Just beautiful.
Your Fair Isle Tam Capelet looks very nice. You are right about the photo in the book. When I saw that, I thought "What in the world is that?" But your creation of the pattern looks very nice. Give Madeline some kisses for me and I pray she is better soon!
Wow, what a wonderful week you had! Though I don't leave a note often, I still follow every post when the RRS feed tells me another is ready. Your coat is looking beautiful. Blessings to you as you continue on your journey. from Santa Barbara, CA
Opps! Sorry 'bout that boo-boo. Can you take photos of how and where you re-attach the needle for the repair? The baby shower looked like so much fun. She must be thrilled to receive all those hand made gifts. Take your break, we'll still be here.
Happy One Year Blog-iversary Mary! I have been following your many accomplishments and adventures this past year. Your life is so full right now, and I love "hearing" about it. The one suggestion I have to make your blog better is to either get a better camera, or a better photographer. Those beautiful garments you are creating just are not showing in those lack-luster photos. Also, I agree with Linda in her post, it would be nice to see more blogs closer together so we could see more progress pictures. Wishing you many wonderful days/years of knitting to come!
Absolutely gorgeous! I will be starting mine soon. Thanks for the tip about attaching the feather fringe with the safety pins. Would love to see a picture with you wearing it.
I plan on knitting the Gala Aran Sweater as soon as I finish the two gifts I'm working on. But I have a question about the ostrich feather fringe. There is one available with a very thin cording on the edge, and one available with about a 1/2 inch of satin on the edge. Which are you using? You are making such wonderful progress with your goals. Keep up the wonderful work.
Best of luck to you on the exam. "See" you in a couple weeks.
I learned to sew when I was 12. When I taught myself to knit at 17 (1972), I found it was easy for me also, to finish a sweater. I have never minded that part of knitting either. Thanks for sharing the tips you have learned in picking up stitches. Love the Dorothy costume. Had to laugh when you told us how old the other Dorothy's were. I tried to comment the other day about going at your own pace, but my computer was freezing up on me and wouldn't let me. I was going to say, if you feel like starting the Copenhagen Royal Shawl next week, go for it. Since this is such a huge endeavor, there will be times you will need that extra time that you don't wait around now for. Glad that is what you decided. The sweater is beautiful.
When I was in Junior High, back in the 60's, I took a Home Economics class. One of the dishes we got to make were Spritz Cookies. They are Press Sugar Cookies. I still have the mimeographed recipe from that class. I love to make those sugar cookies at the Holidays. Look for the recipe in your e-mail. Love your new curly hair. Patty McD
My favorite Halloween candy was those Smarties Tart Candy Rolls. You got about a dozen or more pieces in one roll, so they lasted longer. Oh and Neco, and I liked Almond Joy, and... how do you choose??? I was going to tell you about the thong pattern using licorice laces, but AnaMarie already did that.
It isn't socially acceptable to knit in meetings and lectures in the US??? Opps. Oh well, guess some of us are just not socially acceptable. LOL. My favorite pattern is the Evening Gala Aran. I love feminine sweaters and that one is just beautiful! Thank you for letting us follow you on this epic journey.