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I think it's a shame they canceled the show like this. We, the fans, deserve a final episode. I would think you, the actors, deserve closure as well. As others have said, Zack, you will go on to bigger and better, with Star Trek being only beginning. I'm a fan of yours, not just the show, and I look forward to following your career and seeing how you continue to entertain us.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2010 on chapter's end... at Zachary Quinto Official Website
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Hemal: I finally took the time to sit and read many of your articles and I have to say - What was I waiting for? The picture you have in this article - the kitten looking in the mirror - has been one that touched my heart years and years ago. I believe 100% in synchronicity. Your words have inspired me to find my flow, find my bliss and stop waiting for other people to make me happy. Thank you!