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Similar thinking here: "No More Big Factory Churches"
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Steve Jobs on the Perfect Group Size at
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"Maybe the 16th century Anabaptists simply were liberal Protestants several centuries ahead of their time." As a pastor in an Anabaptist church (even though I am more Reformed than Anabaptist - long story) I can tell you that this is what my observations have led me to believe. Those things that today's Anabaptists hold out as distinctive WERE distinctive during the Reformation, but most of those things are no longer distinctive... with the possible exception of pacifism. I could say a lot more... but sermon prep awaits.
Check out this website name FAIL: I'd like to see that on a truck!
Courageous post Andrew.
We are going through the "Beware the Emerging Church" phase in my denomination at the moment (Evangelical Mennonite). I wrote a couple of posts last week in an attempt to try to get them current on what's happening. One is called "What is the Emerging Church?" and will not be of much interest to most of you. The other may be of more interest. It supports Andrew's idea in basically saying that once something has emerged, let's cease to call it "emerging". That post is titled "Emerging - The Alternative Music of the Modern Church" an can be found here --->
Good to see another Crows fan making these observations. A couple of years ago I did a series on the Crows and this post especially relates to what you're talking about: