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Oh, don't worry... I go through the same thing with radios.
Wish I knew in God's name where sellers find this stuff.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2013 on Mint In Box GE Super Radio II at Herculodge
2nd BBS link is already gone. Hope this isn't vaporware-looks awfully nice.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2013 on New Tecsun PL-880 On Its Way? at Herculodge
Same here... no pay content for me. Too bad he didn't go back to terrestrial radio.
Found one on Ebay... not a DX radio by any means. My MR-9700W is superior in reception, FYI.
I use Duracells and no leakage problems. I exclusively run on batteries; I don't trust some of those internal power supplies on old unobtanium transistors.
$150.. fugeddaboutit!
A shame-that's a nice looking radio. Sounds like a mechanically tuned DSP with the soft mute cutting in and out as you tune. I can't stand DSP radios for that reason
I ain't holding my breath on this. Vaporware 'till I hold one in my hands. You can bet if there's only 200 they will go stratspheric on greedbay. And maybe the reason for only 200 is that the main chip went unobtainium or something.
Hell, if I stayed within my means I wouldn't be eating either... it's just as bad with radios and custom, hi-end flashlights-like putting a loaded needle in front of a heroin addict, and I dare say, just as intense a craving!
Oh, yeah, and... varactor tuning is slapdash, real tuning capacitors are for Real Men!!
Probably has varactor tuning like the SR-3 instead of a real tuning cap. Just look at the poor build quality with new radios now; you know they won't age well!
I don't even bother with new any more, Satellit 750 the exception. Find a vintage Sony or Panasonic if you can.
Why I'm never an early adopter!
1st time in my life that I'm really scared to death. We're gonna have another civil war and we're headed right into WWIII in the middle east. Obamination got re-elected because the power elite want him in there to take the country down so the beast one world government gets ushered in, the Antichrist (man of sin) is revealed, and then Christ returns to clean it all up. Think not? Now, for the first time in history, the *technology* is all in place for everyone to take the mark. Hope you got plenty of ammo and a bottle of barbiturates! Matthew 24.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2012 on Political Tribalism Could Kill Us at Herculodge
Plus they want to expand it to other transport and highway checkpoints. Privatizing is the worst. They hire thugs and angry cops that can't make it in the regular force. Glad I don't travel, I'd get busted in short order making a scene if they wanted to strip me down. We are most of the way to a Communist police state-and all the dumbed down sheep care about is sports, beer, and dancing with the stars. Time to vote from the rooftops.
That guy lives the closest to me and all his insane stuff is untouchable. Betchyerass he gets it real cheap. Capitalism needs to be outlawed.
Damn... all the cool stuff is in Japan.
I just assume when Sangean announces something, it's 3 year's down the road-or never.
I get real grateful every time I look at my collection... I got back into building it up in 06 and I got many radios cheap. Royal 1000 for $9.00 in perfect shape, same for a P780. I could never do it now... I still grab deals when I can, but it's like the fat guy from Texas now-slim pickins.'
Every once in a great while I get a deal on greedbay. All of a sudden last week I scored an S5W with no rx audio for $43.00. I gambled that I could fix it and did-had a shorted output transistor. Thought I'd never, ever find one of those!
I'll only spend cheap for radios anyway... poor income, but I restore, clean up and make 'em look brand new anyway! And I'm really good at alignments.
GREED is driving up the prices.
It's delusional moron greedmongers like this that ruin it for us little guys. $75 is the most I ever paid for one, and that was too much.