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Thanks for the mention, Regina! These are all especially thoughtful posts that I can't wait to dive into.
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Very interesting! I'm sure that much of the reluctance to use social media is because top managers and board members don't use it and thus have trouble understanding why a nonprofit should. As the second study says, it's tough to "quantify the impact of social technologies in terms familiar to executive directors and boards." The key words here are "quantify" and "familiar." We talk a lot about convincing the boss, but, I think, first we just need to get nonprofit professionals in general to use it. One of the reasons we see resistance is that social media started as personal conversation, not as a business tool. It's hard to get away from the vision of a teenager texting on her cell phone, and the feeling that this may just be a passing fad of the young. This has to be a bottom-up movement. When people use social media for professional reasons, they see its worth, and eventually start exploring how it can be applied to donors, volunteers, marketing, etc. For instance, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are all terrific professional tools to make connections, stay up with the field, look for jobs, and build one's own credibility. You don't really need any institutional support to engage in this way. I think acceptance of a broad use of social media by nonprofits will come through many little doorways opened by individuals who then become evangelists in their organizations. Maybe we're trying to "quanitify" and "convince" too soon. As you point out, Beth, "social media for nonprofits is still in its infancy."
Thank you for mentioning my post! And also for this great overview of cloud computing.