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Chris Cudworth
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First rule of Cute Club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT CUTE CLUB. Just kidding, here are the REAL rules: 1. You must wear a "Bunnyhug" at all gatherings. 2 .All cat pictures must include the "Kitty Zone". 3. Pictures of "Hot Man Flesh" are optional. 4. Must complain once a week that Chris as not showing enough kittens/cute/man flesh/or something else you have dreamed up to whine about. 5. Must own a cat or nine. 6. If allergic to cats, must own a fhugly sweater with one printed on it, even if you are male. 7. Must be able to animate vomit. 8. Must show a compromising picture of a boyfriend or friendly drunk male, partially nude or in a full cat body stocking. 9. Must be willing to use mind bleach after Googling the cat body stocking, to find out what it actually is (BTW thanks Chris). 10. Refer to all romantic prospects with "Hit that doughnut!" 11. Send in a low quality photo of a lizard to gain respect. Chris waits with anticipation and joy at this! 12. And comment on Chris's looks, especially tell him how disheveled he looks after working for nothing and pleasing teens with cute kitten video's. You will get all his love. <3 Now that you have completed these steps and sealed yourself from the rest of society, with your hoarding, fashion -challenged, voyeuristic, deviant behavior, you are a full fledged member,CONGRATS!! Now go forth and horde even more cats!
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