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Yet another great blog from the Master! I'm as yet unpublished, but I'm quite confident when it comes to my book - the not-quite-ready-for-an-agent "Janelle's Time." My lack of confidence is in my blog, but even that is coming around - these things take time . . . I love your blog. Keep 'em coming! Julie
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2010 on Overcoming Doubt at Chip MacGregor .com
Chip, Please don't ever apologize for what you have to say! I read your blog faithfully and have learned so much . . . You speak from the heart to your readers, while others are filling up space to fulfill a requirement. Sure, many provide the mechanics of writing, and other equally important tidbits, but you reach out and touch people. There's a difference, between speaking to someone and speaking at them. It's not your fault that publishing is changing the way it is, so don't apologize for it, OK? JCJ
When someone hears the word 'writer' they often think of 'easy money.' All one has to do is sit down, put pen to paper, and - wa-la - instant money, and lots of it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Writing is hard work, from start to finish, and there is no guarantee that you'll be the next Steven King or Danielle Steele. In fact, the odds are more and more against it. It's nice to see an agent who tells it like it is, rather than sugar-coating it. If what was said here scares you, find another career! Thanks for the straight-shooting - we need to be reminded that we do indeed WORK for a living. Leave the romanticizing to the dreamers. Have a great day!
My heart jumped straight into my throat when I read what Jason said! I was so happy when you told him he was 'clearly hanging around with idiots'! Good grief!! Common sense, people!! You are correct when you state that the marketing process would be different for each novel - but it also applies to genre. You wouldn't market a children's book to adults, just as you wouldn't market an erotic romance to children. So, genre makes a difference, too. I'd venture to say that it might even vary with the part of the country. A book on snow skiing wouldn't do well in Texas, no matter how incredible the marketing plan - as a book about salt-water fishing might just bomb in Iowa! It's amazing that any sort of marketing plan can be put together without the aid of a marketing professional. Chip, thanks for yet another great post! I enjoy every one! Julie
Great post! This is, by far, the most complete and comprehensive explanation of what we need to know to 'help' the publishers promote our books. Knowing ahead of time what the publishers can and can't (or won't) do has to be the most important step - to avoid duplication of effort - but, at the same time, we can control the entire process. Who better to look out for our needs than ourselves? This post will be hard to beat!
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on Talking Books and Marketing at Chip MacGregor .com