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Agreed, good post that makes a strong case for needing a strategy that social media can support - and not thinking that social media alone is a strategy. If you have interesting things to say, to an audience that cares about those interesting things, social media can be considered to be a great set of tools. But a hammer, without precision, can be a weapon or an anchor just as easily as it can sink a nail. One point I'd like to submit as a potential complement to your great insights: when the future arrives, and when it's all social, I think the greatest potential commerical gains will be from local businesses connecting with local audiences, not big businesses trying to connect personally to 325M people on facebook. After all, local is social.
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On Social: what if there was a way to retweet a show, or a specific comment made on a show, in real time as it was being listened to? What if there was a "RT" button right beside the "Scan" and "Seek" button on the stereo? Granted, requires car wifi, but is that really so far off? Take the content to the web based on who likes it, in a way that lets people distribute it to the people that already follow them. Being able to link to content in the past can then allow links to related upcoming content in the future, plus gain insight into popular content and trends in popularity. Bonus points for NPR searching through users that have RT'd content, and having Ira Glass DM them directly with a request for support. There is likely a way to link this to the "radio bookmark" technology that already exists, at least for current available technology. On Finance: what if there was a way to blend "keep the change" with local business and local NPR stations, so instead of the change going into a savings account, it went to local NPR? And what if there was a vanity credit card to advertise it? On Platform: is there any reason that every NPR show isn't also video recorded and broadcast online? Could then provide potential content via API for local and national TV networks to augment their coverage. could be further pushed to local stations based on geocoded RT's of content (ie people in this area like this news, so would be worth considering adding it to local evening news broadcast).
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2009 on The future of NPR at metacool